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IKEA Denver opening July 27 2011! (Ok, it's Centennial Colorado which is close to Denver)

And not a day too soon. Holy cow, after literally years of waiting and begging the IKEA in South Denver is finally opening on July 27th. I predict massive traffic jams. I plan to go there and sell tiny meatballs with tiny swedish flags in them accompanied by iced-lingonberry-juice-like-beverage.

Map of US with colorado flag over colorado-ish

According to their wonderful press folks at BM.com (and no that isn't the homepage for a site about Bowel Movements):

415,000-square-foot IKEA Centennial, with approximately 1,500 parking spaces

That's right. 1,500 parking spaces! Fortunately there's also an enormously under-used parking lot to the south of the IKEA.

Previous posts I've written about IKEA

I can barely wait for July 27th!

IKEA Colorado Set to Open Fall of 2011

This just in: The PR folks for IKEA just sent out an e-mail blast alerting folks that plans are still on track for a fall 2011 opening of the IKEA store in Centennial.

IKEA 2009 Plan: it will be a while

Back in 2009 I gave a Construction on IKEA update that was a little depressing. And it seems like that still rings true.

From the e-mail this morning:

IKEA announced that contractors have been hired and a site-work permit
is pending for its future Denver-area store. This progress allows for a
Fall 2011 grand opening in Centennial, Colorado

So...it will be no earlier than Fall 2011.

Fall 2011 IKEA Opening in Centennial Colorado

But, it seems that they've hired folks and are getting final permits to get the show on the road...

Saunders Construction as the construction management firm. Other Colorado firms involved with this future IKEA store include: CLC Associates for civil design; Kimley Horn Associates as traffic consultants during the approval process; Ground Engineering providing environmental analysis and geotechnical services; Otten Johnson Robinson Neff & Ragonetti serving as local counsel; real estate brokerage firm Legend Retail Group assisting IKEA in the site selection process; Geothermal Systems of Colorado installing the geothermal component, and Miller Global selling the land. Atlanta-based GreenbergFarrow is architect responsible for store design, site planning and construction documents.

The actual clearing and prep of the site will start "soon" - I'll definitely try to get some photo evidence of the progress. As they say, it's not started until it's actually started. Given the long history of attempts at progress in the state I really hope this is finally a true start but it may not be.

Ikea store near Denver, Colorado - Construction update for 2010

You may be wondering what's going on with IKEA in Colorado. I know I am. I was in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving this year and visited an IKEA out there and was reminded how nice it is to have high quality, reasonably priced household items within driving distance.

According to this article in the Denver Business Journal

"This is a very complicated project, and will take some time," said Joseph Roth, spokesman for IKEA Group’s U.S. headquarters near Philadelphia. "There’s still no time frame for groundbreaking or opening, but we are committed to the project and moving forward."

Once a construction timetable is fixed, the store will take 18 months to build, according to Roth.

IKEA Denver (or just Colorado) Finally To Be Announced

According to 9news.com IKEA is finally coming to Colorado!

My Past Discussions of IKEA Colorado

I've written about this in the past and become somewhat of a rumor hound on the subject:

Often the comments on those posts are more interesting than the posts themselves...

I'll post an update comment on Wednesday after the real announcement.

Edit: Ikea Centennial

According to a comment I just received it will be in Centennial, Colorado. Centennial just recently incorporated into a city as expansion has grown south of Denver. I guess this makes sense since that area of colorado (Douglas County, southern Jefferson County) has been the fastest growing area in Colorado and one of the fastest in the nation for the last few years. I imagined they would put it north of Denver because my perception is that IKEA is popular with college students and the CU/CSU combination in Boulder/Fort Collins is the center of our college population.

And more sources are identifying it as coming to centennial.

IKEA Fort Collins - 2008?

Well, according to this comment on my site we'll have an IKEA in Fort Collins in the next 18-24 months. By my calculations that would be 2008 or 2009. Well, that works pretty well for me. It's been a long damn time that we've had to suffer sans-ikea here in Colorado and and an IKEA in Fort Collins would be a good bit closer than the IKEA in Utah.

Three cheers for IKEA and for whomever in Fort Collins convinced them to get into our fair state!

IKEA Store Located in Commerce City, Denver, Colorado

Today I mentioned my fascination with IKEA stores opening in Denver. A friend was talking about how she wanted some new office furniture - Room and Board felt too expensive for what she needs and Scandinavian Design was her best choice. What should she do? I recommended IKEA and lamented the fact that we didn't have one...

IKEA Coming to Denver

Which is when another friend said that we've got an IKEA that will open up north of I-70 somewhere near that big fishing shop. Well, further searches online informed me that IKEA is opening in the rocky mountains but that's over in Utah. And for those who are used to European or East Coast scale - a state away is not "close". But this is a great sign because it shows that IKEA is spreading into the interior of the country!

Colorado Ikea can't be far away...

...even though Ikea Store Locations makes it seem otherwise.

Ikea adding store to Denver, Colorado?

So, I've written about our need for an
Ikea in Denver, Boulder, or just the Front Range of Colorado. I'm not picky - I'll drive 2 hours to get there. I just want it within 2 hours and not the 15 hours to Phoenix.

I was searching for Ikea Colorado today to see if there were any news and in fact saw that Ikea is looking for stores in Denver! Excellent news. Unforutnately, the article on Ikea's search in Colorado is from April 2005 and it was that an Ikea store in Denver is a few years away.

Ikea Colors Rejected

Apparently some knucklehead in Lone Tree decided that the Ikea store colors are too garish so they don't want a store. Quoting from page 2 of the online story:

In casual discussions with IKEA last year, Lone Tree officials rejected the company's signature bright blue and yellow store colors because they don't fit the city's earth tone-oriented design guidelines. But the city seems to be reconsidering IKEA, according to real estate brokers.

Thanks. I wonder if the green of Ikea's millions in sales tax revenue is also the wrong color?

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