Sara Gallegos - Silly Ditties for Kiddies from a Denver Teacher

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This past weekend I spent a bit of time helping a good friend set up a new site: Silly Ditties For Kiddies.

Sara Gallegos - Teacher, Musician, Entreprenuer

Sara and I worked together almost 10 years ago. While the jobs have long ended, our friendship has remained. She decided to leave the technology consulting field and become a teacher. She also started playing music again (having played flute in high school) and incorporated singing and music into her classroom. She created her own songs to help teach the various concepts in the classroom and it seemed to really help her students learn the concepts.

Silly Ditties for Kiddies - CDs available now

After a few years of using these songs in the classroom and building a big group of well polished songs, Sara sat down with some professional musicians (and friends who aspire to be professional musicians) and recorded the best songs she has for her students. She is now selling them on her website.

About The E-Commerce System: Ubercart and Drupal

Sara and I spent a few hours working together on a weekend morning and built the whole site. We used Ubercart which is built on the Open Source platform Drupal which is the system I use for work. It was really fun to build a simple site like this for a friend when I spend most of my time working on big sites for people far away (not that those aren't fun too...but...variety is nice).

About the Knaddisons - Spanish Teacher, Drupal Consultant

Nikki and Greg live in the beautiful Baker Neighborhood in Denver, Colorado.

About Nikki - Spanish Teacher, Lover of Spanish Culture

Nikki graduated college with a degree in Politics and a minor in Spanish and planned to change the world through social work. She worked for several non-profits in Denver, often with Spanish-speaking populations which let her use her Spanish on a day to day basis. After a few years and not much fulfillment she decided to switch careers and found a company becoming a Spanish teacher at the Denver Spanish House.

Nikki is on Linkedin.

About Greg - Drupal Consultant, Trainer, "Geek"

Greg loves building things (and breaking them apart and putting them together again). He's done a lot of jobs, but they basically all can be defined as "solving technology problems." He loves building websites and has founded his own company Growing Venture Solutions to focus on consulting and training in the Open Source software platform Drupal.

Greg is on Twitter and LinkedIn and uses Flickr sometimes.

Want to contact us? If it's about our work then use our work websites. If it's to contact us, contact us.

Bike to Work Month (at least for me)

"Officially" bike to work month is in May. That seems like a reasonable time: the weather is pretty warm and it's early enough in the year that any converts will likely keep biking throughout the summer. I'm taking a slightly more hardcore approach. My bike to work month is February. If I can bike to work most days in February I think the rest of the year will be easy! We should also be able to see if this has any impact on our fuel consumption since I started tracking that a month ago. I'll be updating this post with my experiences:

Day Where was the ride? Notes Miles Biked Miles Driven
1 To breakfast at mona's, to Kaladi for some beans, and back. Make sure your wife has some gloves so her fingers don't get cold. 5 6
2 To work and back. Always wear your gloves. Always. Also: need new parking solution at work. 1 0
3 Work, boulder by bus, back so far so good. 4 0
4 work and back 20 degrees today! 1 0
5 work and back 20 degrees today! 1 10
6 work and back 1 0
7 no biking :( 0 5
8 no biking :( Went swimming. 0 1
9 no biking :( Neck pain from swimming! No biking. 0 1
10 no biking :( Neck pain from swimming! No biking. 0 1
11 no biking :( Snowing! No biking. 0 1
12 Work and back! Cold! No excuses. 1 1
13 Work and back! 1 1
14 Weekend stuff... 0 3
15 Weekend stuff... 0 6
16 Was in a rush :( 0 1
17 Work and back! Bug rode too! 1 0
18 Work and boulder and back! Bug rode too! 3 0
19 Was in a rush :( 0 2

Surprise Appearance (FAIL)

Surprise Appearance (FAIL)

Text of image says "Stick around for surprise appearance by East High's Drumline"

That's not so surprising, now is it.

Slow Cooked Beef Soup with Bay Leaves and Red Wine


  • 1 cup beef bullion
  • Peel a couple of potatoes and cube them
  • Peel carrots and make them bite sized as well
  • Add a couple of chopped hunks of celery
  • Dredge the beef "stew meat" in flour/salt/pepper and sear it in a hot frying pan
  • Pour on chopped tomatoes
  • Cubed onion
  • Garlic
  • Salt/pepper
  • Bay leaves, oregano, taragon, cilantro?
  • Red wine

Pour it all in the crock pot, with veggies on bottom, and cook for 2-4 hours until the meat is really tender.

Closeup of Bills at Museo de America

Closeup of Bills at Museo de America

This is a closeup of an art installation at the Museo de Las Americas from a Spanish Meetup night. Nikki gave a presentation about wine at this event.

Things we Want in Our Next House

We like our house. But we are realizing it will not be exactly what we want in the long run.

So, long run, here is what we really want and/or want to do in our new house shortly after we move in:

Features Of The House

  • Somewhere between 1600 and 2000 square feet
  • A single large kick it room
  • 2-3 kid bedrooms
  • 1 master bedroom
  • Kitchen that opens onto the dining room/living room
  • "Office"
  • Garage

Existing Features or Things to Tweak Right After Movein

  • Steam shower
  • Compost pile
  • Energy Efficiency review by Dirk's friend Jay
  • Fireplace with wood pellet stove insert
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