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Nice Debit Card "unboxing" from Simple

Brad Mccarty on The Next Web writes about the Simple Debit Card.

Their "unboxing" is pretty awesome! Definitely brings a new level of design and delight to the financial services industry.

Drupal: Accessible CMS - WCAG 2.0 and ATAG 2.0 Compliant

So, I'm a Drupal fanboy. Naturally. But there's been some amazing work recently by the Drupal Accessibility Team that I wanted to highlight.

Accessible CMS: Drupal!

According to Drupal's Statement on Accessibility:

This initiative started with advancements with Drupal 7 accessibility. We have committed to ensuring that all features of Drupal core conform with the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) guidelines: WCAG 2.0 and ATAG 2.0. Where possible we will also update the previous version of Drupal core, version 6, to enhance its accessibility.

That's a pretty bold statement. Perhaps even more exciting is the Drupal Accessibility Pledge where the maintainers of the thousands and thousands of contributed modules and themes agree that they are willing to work to fix problems if those problems are brought to their attention.

But who can bring the problems to their attention?

CMS Accessibility Team:

Drupal has a large team of accessibility professionals who coordinate their efforts on and in irc and other community methods. This group of 374 individuals has been working since 2006 to make Drupal core and it's modules/themes more accessible. The group has over forum threads and hundreds of comments discussing ideas on how to achieve this. It's truly amazing work.

As one of the folks who helps make function I'm always inspired when people point to that site as the home of their team.

How can I get my wife/husband to...

How can I get my wife/husband to...

Economist Dan Ariely has an interesting post on what boyfriends/girlfriends are searching for.

I thought - what about the husbands and wives of the world?


  • most folks are looking to get in love again
  • husbands are looking to steal facebook passwords (two words: keystroke logger)
  • husbands are also looking to get their wife to fall in love at all, whether or not it is again

Times Square "Cleans Up"

Times Square "Cleans Up"

Times Square got some new lane lines for biking and, apparently, horses.

Freedom Win - Safety Fail

Freedom Win - Safety Fail

We ran out of coffee beans this morning so I went to Starbucks. The news-stand said it all:

Front page headline for Denver Post:

U.S. closing door on Guantanamo, torture

Front page third column headline from New York Times:

Freed by U.S. Saudi Becomes A Qaeda Chief - Linked to Yemen Blast After Guantanamo

I guess as my friend Travis Jo said about her Peace Corps experience "International development [and security and...] is tricky."

Buenos Aires Microbrews - Argentine Artesenal

I've been in Argentina for almost two months and finally found some decent beers. Quilmes and Brahma and friends are, frankly, not going to cut it for me.

Buller Brewing Company

The first place that was recommended to me was Buller Brewing Company (ratebeer review) which turned out to be pretty good. They have a selection of about 8 beers which were all decent, though none were really amazing. The dry stout was probably the best variety that they had. I went to the location near Recoleta cemetery which of course is a nice tourist area on its own.

Cossab Cerveza Artesanal

In a non touristy location is Cossab - at Carlos Calvo 4199 - which is just a standard corner bar which happens to serve hundreds of local and international beers. The international selection is dominated by Dutch/Belgian varieties and a few standards (Guinnes - duh). In addition to great beers, Cossab also has quite good food including a Wednesday Night "Pizza Libre" night where "Libre" means all you can eat instead of just "free". For 10 Pesos, it's a good deal.

Bangalore Indian Restaurant - Stone IPA (cask style)

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