IKEA Store Located in Commerce City, Denver, Colorado

Today I mentioned my fascination with IKEA stores opening in Denver. A friend was talking about how she wanted some new office furniture - Room and Board felt too expensive for what she needs and Scandinavian Design was her best choice. What should she do? I recommended IKEA and lamented the fact that we didn't have one...

IKEA Coming to Denver

Which is when another friend said that we've got an IKEA that will open up north of I-70 somewhere near that big fishing shop. Well, further searches online informed me that IKEA is opening in the rocky mountains but that's over in Utah. And for those who are used to European or East Coast scale - a state away is not "close". But this is a great sign because it shows that IKEA is spreading into the interior of the country!

Colorado Ikea can't be far away...

...even though Ikea Store Locations makes it seem otherwise.

Digg Widget for your own site

So, I read this post in the digg blog with much fascination.

it shows this:

digg_url = \'URLOFSTORY\';
<script src=\"http://digg.com/api/diggthis.js\"></script>

Which is pretty cool because then it makes it easier for users to digg a story on your site even if they found the story through some other means. But there's a pretty huge problem with the widget...

The workflow for this is something like:

  1. write story
  2. wait for someone to digg story
  3. find URL of the digg story
  4. add widget to my site
  5. rejoice

It would be really nice if I could just automatically add that little snippet of javascript to everyone one of my posts and rather than saying "URLOFSTORY" it would be "URLOFORIGINATINGSITE" and then on the Digg end you figure out the most likely story that it should relate to. I know this is tough because of the whole duplicates thing, but that's why you make the big bucks.

Because then the workflow would be something like
1. write story
2. rejoice

And that's clearly a better workflow.

If the answer is "we just can't do that" then I've got a surprise someone else will do a better job and you'll be forgotten.

Search Engine Strategies in Denver

Search Engine Strategies is a major conference for search engine people. It's coming to Denver in September. Too bad the agenda is so weak.

I'm not planning to go...but I've got to at least mention it.

Ikea adding store to Denver, Colorado?

So, I've written about our need for an
Ikea in Denver, Boulder, or just the Front Range of Colorado. I'm not picky - I'll drive 2 hours to get there. I just want it within 2 hours and not the 15 hours to Phoenix.

I was searching for Ikea Colorado today to see if there were any news and in fact saw that Ikea is looking for stores in Denver! Excellent news. Unforutnately, the article on Ikea's search in Colorado is from April 2005 and it was that an Ikea store in Denver is a few years away.

Ikea Colors Rejected

Apparently some knucklehead in Lone Tree decided that the Ikea store colors are too garish so they don't want a store. Quoting from page 2 of the online story:

In casual discussions with IKEA last year, Lone Tree officials rejected the company's signature bright blue and yellow store colors because they don't fit the city's earth tone-oriented design guidelines. But the city seems to be reconsidering IKEA, according to real estate brokers.

Thanks. I wonder if the green of Ikea's millions in sales tax revenue is also the wrong color?

BarCamp Denver

BarCamp Denver is coming up soon. It will be what we make of it - more of a Do-ocracy than anything else I know.

It should be a great time. I plan to present my favorite technology of the moment - <a href="http://drupal.org>Drupal and if I can get off my buttocks perhaps write and show off one of the modules I've been thinking about writing.

Capital Tea Opens at 1450 S. Broadway

A friend of a friend of mine just opened a Tea shop at 1450 S. Broadway in Denver called "Capital Tea". If the drinks are as good as the name then it should be great.

Also, I'm really amazed at this section of Broadway. It's long been "antique row" with Denver's largest assortment of Antique Stores, but now we get Pasquini's italian restaurant and Divino Wine and Spirits which has delicious wines AND super tasty beers. Sidebar: it was at Divinos that I first had a 120 minute IPA from Dogfish Head Brewery YUMMM!

Perhaps this is the result of the future Cherokee Denver and Lionstone Group developments on the old Gates site. Perhaps it's something that Platte Park has had coming for a long time. Either way, I'm just psyched to have these things near my neighborhood.

Fiber or Wimax

Fiber? or wireless?

At the end of the article they say

"People talk about the risks of doing this," says Michael Render, who tracks fiber buildouts for RVA, the research firm. What they should be talking about, he says, is the risk of not building out fiber. "The world is changing very rapidly."

Definitely Reinvent

Which is kind of true. Verizon - like all the telecoms companies - needs to reinvent itself. Just going around extracting 10cents/minute for long distance isn't going to last long. With Skype giving US long distance away for free people (techy and non-techy alike) are finally going to buy a headset with microphone and get addicted to Skype - and that will be yet another step on the way to the death of the old "phone" companies.

But Which Reinvention?

But when they're busy reinventing themselves - do they really want to sink the majority of their profits into physical plant expenses that put fiber in the house when WiMax can deliver 300mbps to several nearby homes without the $1000 worth of cabling and NIU on the side of each house? Plus, if you could use a mesh network and...then you don't have to lay nearly as much fiber around the place cutting down that cost.

Personally, my bet is on wireless. Yeah, it may have problems in nasty storms and yeah, people can packetsniff, but there are solutions to those problems and wireline has its own problems. Like, hurricanes. When Katrina hit, the cellular and satelite salesmen were in the next week saying "Cable won't be back for months - buy with us, we're in business NOW." That's compelling.

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