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How To Fix a Jutting Jaw

Dear Lazyweb,

When I get stressed I have a habit of jutting out my jaw.

I'd like to stop doing that.

I have the following solutions:

  1. Duct tape my jaw to the back of my head
  2. Dig out my head-gear from middle school and attach it to my bottom teeth this time
  3. Get my mom to sit next to me all the time and say "ah, ah, ah" whenever I jut it out

Technique 3 was my solution last time I had this problem. Sadly, last time I was 4 years old and bringing her to work would just be weird and work (surprise) is where I get the stress that makes me jut the jaw. If I worked from home or something, that might work, but I'd have to work from her home.

Anything else?

You're the best, lazyweb.


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Jutting Jaw when stressed

I have recently developed this as well and would love to hear anything you've found to be successful to stop this annoying and unbecoming behavior.

fix jutting jaw

Tie your jaw back at night with a scarf or something similiar. Also practice speaking on the phone or whenever ur alone with the jaw tied back. It will retrain the jaw to relax down and back.