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How to Waste Your Server Resources in 3 easy steps

  1. Create a page that is image heavy and largely static
  2. Get a buttload of traffic
  3. Don't use any caching directive

    Lots of the time, I'm just plain amazed by the intelligence of people in the world.

Some of the time, I'm really not.

Granted, the guy behind the Million Dollar Home Page was showing some real genius when he started his idea. I mean, how can I say that he was foolish when he has...approximately...after some complex calculations...about $1,038,000 more than I do. I don't really blame him, though, I blame his web hosting company.

If they had used any of a variety of caching mechanisms available in the world, they could have eliminated the downtime of his page, improved his image, improved their image among people looking for hosts, and generally made the world run better. Instead you've got something like "Well, we had this really hard situation and we think we did pretty well with some limited downtime but in the end, yes, the site went down for a while." Sad.

Ali Ebrahim used one of those methods when he knew he was going to have a popular blog post. He even gave good documentation on the situation and showed how it can be helpful. Brilliant.

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