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January 2003 Annual Report

It was a roller coaster year for us...

Knaddison Annual Report

(Kneser + Addison = Knaddison)

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This has been a roller-coaster year for the two of us.


I've had a string of employment changes from scandal stricken Andersen to the hard-traveling and harder-working folks at
PwC, to a new startup company named Connexn
. Oddly, what I do has changed very little between all these companies and their focus is the same: telecommunications consulting. My current employer definitely fits my style. I play Ping Pong at least once a day, dress is reasonably casual, and the flextime schedule gives me time to go climbing. Outside of
work this year were a fun trip to Zion/J-Tree climbing with Steve and Darren, a sorrowful visit to Arizona for my Grandfather
Harvey Kneser's funeral and an am-I-really-this-old trip back to the University of Pennsylvania for Alumni Weekend. Go class of December 2000. Or something like that.


I am still giving loans and busting the knee caps of defaulters at Human Services
, a private non-profit that works with young low-income families. The work is very interesting, and I love the families I come in contact with on a daily basis and even get to speak enough Spanish to make me happy. I recently got a raise, and will now be able to take Greg out to eat once a month. I was able to take a few trips out to Washington to visit some friends and to see many of them graduate from Whitman in May. In November, I also lost a grandparent, my Grandma Ruth, and attended her funeral with Greg and my family out in Indiana.

Both of us:

In early January we were out in California visiting friends in San Francisco, driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, and doing a little climbing at Joshua Tree. In April we took a long romantic weekend to go down to Ouray and Telluride. July found us in Oregon to celebrate the Havens' wedding. We were married on August 18th at an outdoor park in Vail, Colorado. We were blessed with a small and loving group of friends and family who made sure we had amazing fun for nearly a week straight. Following the ceremony we went straight to the Grand Teton's in Wyoming. Shortly after returning we began the amazingly arduous process of legally changing both of our names to Knaddison: Kneser + Addison = Knaddison. For Thanksgiving, we drove out to Milwaukee with Mom and Dad Kneser to visit Papa
Bolln. We had a lovely Christmas spending the 24th snowboarding, and
having Christmas Eve dinner with Mom, Dad, and Lori Kneser.

Christmas day we spent with the Addison family.

This past year we were fortunate to get to entertain a variety of out of town friends:
Tico, Jess Allen, Claus and Doug on their way climbing; Theo being funny; Heather just saying
wassup; Britt, Joe, and Brook--who is now an in town friend--touring the Stadium Inn; and Jess Allen looking at rocks (times 2).

This past year, we have been lucky to spend a lot of time with our families now that we are back in Colorado. We have also enjoyed new Denver friends, both from work and from the lovely little state of Iowa.

Next month you can find us in Den Haag (The Hague) in Holland. I'll be on a fun project and Nikki is coming along for some
work, hopefully, and definitely for some fun side trips. In the next few years we're looking forward to being owner/builders of an
Earthship style home (the name and rammed tires may suck, but the idea doesn't). Beyond that our plans for a move to Chile have been strengthened by Connexn's approaching expansion in that direction which has us both excited.

We wish you all the best in the new year and if you have an inclination to come to Denver (or Holland!), we love to have visitors!

Nikki and Greg

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