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Murder, Theft, Protistution no problem, just don't show us any nipples

Damn the man!

Let's have a little background on this. Grand Theft Auto promotes the players stealing money from people so they can have sex with prostitutes. Of course, once you're done you can just kill the prostitute and get your money back. That was in it from the start. People were apparently fine with that. I mean, I'm sure some modern day equivalent of Tipper Gore was upset, but nobody really got all that excited about getting rid of the game. Then, someone figured out that if you take the game disk, download it to your computer, download an application that is relatively hard to find on the internet, run that application against the version of the game that copied to your computer, burn the game back to a disk, and then play it on your console you can actually see the a pixelated prostitute's nipple while having sex with her. Ok, that was apparently too much for people and now the game maker is getting sued.

WTF, mate?

Now, I don't have the game and have never played it, so I'm basing my comments on what I have read and heard about the game. Please, someone, correct me about this because the case I just stated makes me want to cry. Maybe to feel better I will murder and steal...just no nipples.

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