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Our new car

After 6 years in our posession and 18 years on the road, we're nearing the end of life for Nikki's Saab 900 and are looking for something new(er).

The qualities that matter to us:

  1. Mr. Greg has to fit in it comfortably.
  2. Good gas mileage
  3. Good repair rating (above average rating from Consumer Reports)
  4. Crash safety
  5. Low price

This has led us to the Scions:
1. I know I fit in the XB fine, we'll see about the XA.
2. XB is rated at 31/35 (though I've seen tests from Money magazine and Edmunds that showed 37) and the XA is rated at 32/37 at EPA fuel efficiency ratings.
3. They both have "above average" ratings from Consumer Reports, but they are relatively young (introduced in 2004) so it's tough to say about long term durability.
4. Crash safety is tough to say. NHTSA doesn't have the XB. IIHS doesn't have either of them. So...I'm left with the results of a Google search of relatively unreputable sites. The sites that do have ratings seem to put them at "4 stars out of 5 possible" in front and rear passenger safety.

For the XA, NHTSA rates it as pretty good, in my opinioin. And then there is the blank XB information sheet.

I assume that the XB does better than the XA in terms of crash safety. It is more visible and gives slightly more room on the inside which at least feels safer.

So basically it's a tossup at this point until we see about whether or not I fit in the XA.

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