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What kind of burrito am I going to have today - Burrito Randomizer to the Rescue

I really like burritos from Chipotle Mexican Grill.
One day I noticed their sign that said "Two things, thousands of ways"
which referred to "tacos and burritos" as the two things, but pointed
out that with their ingredients, the number of combinations is limited
mostly by your imagination. Thinking more on this and needing something
to do with PHP, I worked out this page with a lot of help from the PHP Cookbook (buy at Amazon).
Well, now I've got a little over 250 lines of code validating your
input and saving the information. As you can see, there are a couple
more things I'd like to do with the page from the list below. Maybe I
will get them done. Maybe not :) As you can probably guess, I'm not
particularly affiliated with Chipotle other than loving their food and
restaurants. Of course, I'd love for them to hire me, but whatever.

Without further distraction, the Burrito Randomizer

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