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Maps and Prints of Denver

Yesterday we were killing time in Boulder and stumbled upon Art Source International on the web at

It's a relatively nice store, but even more amazing is their website which includes scans of all maps. If I owned a map/print store, this is exactly how it would work: Bricks and Mortar and online - both useful integrated stores.

Also, personally I'm interested in the series of George F. Cram maps of Denver which show the street maps as Denver formed including the streets around my house (supposedly built in 1894). It is currently on 3rd between Bannock and Cherokee, but it's clear that back then there was no such concept of streets in Denver and that manys treet names have changed.

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New Neighborhood Website

This past may I was elected secretary of our neighborhood association. Part of that work is related to publishing the minutes and people really really want them online and the secretary has historically picked up the job of "website person" on occasion, so I did as well.

You may notice a lot of similarities between our personal site and the neighborhood site - when you've got a good thing, why change?

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