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Knaddison Specific

Our new car

After 6 years in our posession and 18 years on the road, we're nearing the end of life for Nikki's Saab 900 and are looking for something new(er).

The qualities that matter to us:

  1. Mr. Greg has to fit in it comfortably.
  2. Good gas mileage
  3. Good repair rating (above average rating from Consumer Reports)
  4. Crash safety
  5. Low price

This has led us to the Scions:
1. I know I fit in the XB fine, we'll see about the XA.
2. XB is rated at 31/35 (though I've seen tests from Money magazine and Edmunds that showed 37) and the XA is rated at 32/37 at EPA fuel efficiency ratings.

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Annual Report 2003 - 2004

Knaddison Annual Report

In our last annual report we wrote we were thinking about moving to Holland so that Greg could work on a project there. We decided to go and had a great time.

The Hague project was pretty standard. I've also gotten involved with CLUE which provides for some seriously geeky activities like RecycleIT. This past fall Connexn merged with Azure Solutions, a Telecom Software company which is expanding it's Revenue Assurance offerings. In the past 2 years, I moved from client implementations, to Quality Assurance, and now to Software Engineering. I've been learning a lot and having some fun along the way.

While in the Netherlands, I volunteered part time for the humanitarian organization Cordaid, which was a great opportunity to get involved and meet some Dutch people while being flexible enough to enjoy some local traveling and day trips. Shortly before coming home, I accepted a different position working at Human Services Inc. with a young adult program. I work with 16 to 21 year-olds, primarily young parents, as they strive to accomplish their education and employment related goals.


  • While in the Hague last year, we took lots of small day/weekend trips to places like Delft, Utrecht, Amsterdam, and Maastricht.
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What's Up with your last name

Ok. So we got married in 2002 and we didn't want to have two different last names, we didn't want to hyphenate, and nobody really liked the idea of us choosing one of our birth last names. So, we combined the last names which seemed to be slightly more popular, if only for the novelty.

We used to be Greg Kneser and Nicole (Nikki) Addison but are now the Knaddisons.

People occasionally ask us "how do you pronounce your last name?" While we are very particular about the pronunciation, the real answer is - who knows?

Generally we pronounce the K and the N with emphasis on the second syllable.

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