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127 is the magic number (so is 128 and 32 and...)

So, today I'm working on a fun module I plan to use as the basis for my presentation at BarCamp and I, um, keep running into unexpected situations. Most of the time these involve the number 127 in the database. I bang my head on the problem for a couple seconds and then add in enough debugging statements to see that the database is either stopping duplicate keys or rounding a number down to 127 or...

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FON Social Router - FONero Growth by Country

So, back on July 14th when I started discussing FON I took a snapshot of the FON maps page. I figured hey, this thing is growing pretty quickly, wouldn't it be neat to have snapshots of this data so I know how quickly it's growing. Today is the first installment (I was a week late on the whole monthly snapshot thing, but close enough...).

For the impatient - overall monthly growth across the entire earth is just under 25%. This data isn't 100% accurate (they add you to the map before you physically install the router, for one, and I have a feeling they are slow to remove inactive nodes as well) but it's still pretty interesting.

Freedbacking to FON

And, hey FON guys, it sure would be nice if I could get a breakdown by municipality as well. Now that Spain is at 10,000 FONeros (spanish) it would be nice to know how many of those are in Barcelona or Madrid or...

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Game Theory - Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma with Unknown Number of Rounds

I went to a "smart athletic people's conference" and we played some games. Of course, the "smart" side of it meant that some of the games should be "heady" games. So, I included a game theory game:

Game 1 - Pricing Game:

You sell beer. You have one competitor who also sells beer. Each day you and your competitor have two choices for your price that day: a high price or a low price. There are four possible outcomes:


The numbers represent the profit you make that day in the order of (Your Profit, Competitor Profit). So, if you both choose "low" then the result is "1,1" meaning you each get 1. If you choose low and the competitor chooses high then you will get 3 and he will get 0.

Note that the game is symmetrical: "you" and "competitor" can be flipped and the results are the same.

How we will play the game:

Everyone will get two small cards - one that says "high" and one that says "low". We will play until this program tells us to "quit":

import random
limit = 0
loop = 1
while loop == 1:
again = random.randint(0,100)
if again > limit:
print "play again"
limit +=1
loop = input("time for next round? 1 or 0: ")
print "%d rounds, quit now!" % (limit)
loop = 0

I ran this program several times and got results between 3 and 27 rounds. It could theoretically go about 100 rounds, but that's pretty unlikely.

Your score: the sum of the results from each round. For example, if you and your competitor both chose low every time and the game lasted 3 rounds your scores would both be 3.

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BarCamp Denver

BarCamp Denver is coming up soon. It will be what we make of it - more of a Do-ocracy than anything else I know.

It should be a great time. I plan to present my favorite technology of the moment - <a href=">Drupal and if I can get off my buttocks perhaps write and show off one of the modules I've been thinking about writing.

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FON in more languages and Spain reaches 10,000 foneros

FON Website in More Languages

As I happened on the site this morning I noticed that the FON website now has language buttons for "EN|ES|FR|DE|IT|NL|SE" and several characters that appear as ??? for me but seem like Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan. Some of these just seem to point at their blog and not specifically translations of the main site, but all the same it's exciting to see FON continue expanding linguistic reach along with physical reach.

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Firefox Quick Search of

Stop Wasting Time when you Search

I frequently find myself doing two things:

  1. Using the google site: keyword to search
  2. Using the Drupal search to search

I'm also a believer that the fewer keystrokes the better, especially in light of RSI experienced by "professionals" doing computer work. So, why not eliminate a couple hundred keystrokes a day with a Firefox quick search?

Get the Bookmarks

Here are three links to bookmark:

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