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Broadly defined "technology" e.g. software, water pumps

Strawbale DVD and Google Video

So, this is the confluence of the "Google Video" subject I've talked about in the past and my housing interests:

A producer of a Strawbale DVD has uploaded a promotional video to the Google Video system. Now, how neat is that?

Pretty freaking neat. Who needs a TV when you've got Google video to find the movies and some DVDs that you want to watch.

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Yet Another Reason I love Dreamhost

So, I already wrote about why I like my website host so much but then today I got another reason to love them.

I have owned several domains over the years. One trick about domains is that you register and update the domain either every 1 year or 2 years or some other amount, and you use different registrars and you, well, forget your login information for that one registrar from 6 years ago and you no longer have access to the stupid college email address you used to register there and, and to protect you they don't just let any geek off the street change the email address, you have to fax in a signed form with a photocopy of your driver's license because signed forms with photocopies of your drivers license are impossible to fake and that fax proves who you are, and then they just ignore that fax so a few months later you call and they tell you the process again and you send it again and they ignore it again. Fun process, right?

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Drupal Installed - Now What? - An Introduction

Already done with your Drupal Install

This has been covered in plenty of places, so I won't rehash it. The canonical review of installation is provided in a Drupal Handbook article on installation. There are also easier ways to getting Drupal installed like using the Drupal managed service from Bryght which installs everything for you.

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Best iPod Car Adapter

The short answer: for most, the Griffin iTrip is the best.

Questions about Technology

I get asked questions about stuff. Sometimes, the answer might be useful to other people - so why not share it here... Like this question about car adapters for ipods:

> I want to buy a car adapter that lets me play my iPod. I know how the iTrip
> works, but also assume there are lots of other options. What's the best in
> your opinion for large city use? Do you know of sources I can review
> (consumer reports is one, but any other reliable tech source)?

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CD To MP3 Transfer Service

You: One of the 20 million people who got an iPod or other digital music player for Christmas. You have tons of CDs, limited time, limited computer knowledge, and a little jingle in your pocket.

Me: A guy with so many computers in the house that his wife screams at him.

Together: We can make sweet, sweet music.

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