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Broadly defined "technology" e.g. software, water pumps

Drupal Installed - Now What? - An Introduction

Already done with your Drupal Install

This has been covered in plenty of places, so I won't rehash it. The canonical review of installation is provided in a Drupal Handbook article on installation. There are also easier ways to getting Drupal installed like using the Drupal managed service from Bryght which installs everything for you.

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Best iPod Car Adapter

The short answer: for most, the Griffin iTrip is the best.

Questions about Technology

I get asked questions about stuff. Sometimes, the answer might be useful to other people - so why not share it here... Like this question about car adapters for ipods:

> I want to buy a car adapter that lets me play my iPod. I know how the iTrip
> works, but also assume there are lots of other options. What's the best in
> your opinion for large city use? Do you know of sources I can review
> (consumer reports is one, but any other reliable tech source)?

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CD To MP3 Transfer Service

You: One of the 20 million people who got an iPod or other digital music player for Christmas. You have tons of CDs, limited time, limited computer knowledge, and a little jingle in your pocket.

Me: A guy with so many computers in the house that his wife screams at him.

Together: We can make sweet, sweet music.

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