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Sometimes Joel is So Right - and other folks too

This is more so I don't lose it, but if you haven't read these yet, find an hour where you want to be educated and entertained, sit down, and read them. Maybe you're not a "type type mouse mouse" person, but if you are one or know one these are hilarious

First of all, there's the book "The Best Software Writing I" (publisher, buy)

Which is made up of online posts summarised nicely on Neil Kandalgaonkar's personal website

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Offshore and Outsource This

offshoring call centers

I have a friend who does call center outsourcing. They have call centers all over the world - USA, Argentina, Canada, Philippines, India, all over! Naturally, lots of their projects are met with protectionism and lots of times when he tells people what he does, they get mad about how unpatriotic it is. When you get past that, he loves to talk about the regional specialization in the call centers - that they don't put support centers in Argentina because that doesn't suit the Argentine personality. Instead Argentina gets sales centers because that is their nature: be a little pushy and close the deal. Philippines gets more support centers - they are more culturally focused on pleasing other people. USA and Canada get the more high end/high touch calls. You might even call that "specialization".

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I tried (really, I did) to find a list of sucky blog categories. I couldn't. So I'm making my own. Care to help create the list of sucky blogs? Add a comment or contact me. Of the categories I have so far, the "Nothing+Aggregator+Ads" is clearly the worst.

Steps to duplicate:

  1. Make a blog where you can easily post links
  2. Read news stories and other blogs and link to them
  3. repeat step 2

Example: I had a hard time finding one. Is that good or bad?
In his review of Ten Signs of a Cheap Blog Nick Wilson lists this as sign number 5.

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Home History in Google Video

Not to toot my own horn (toot toot) but I love when my observations (echoing Robert Cringely's observations) about Video A la Carte and Google Video ended up proving even mildly valid. In fact, I think I'll just keep making observations in this line and then in 10 years when they finish being true, I will have a beer.

My friend Dave Burrell was on Denver Channel 7 about his work as a home detective for Historical Insights and they gave him the video which he (fairly) promptly uploaded to Google Video.

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Maps and Prints of Denver

Yesterday we were killing time in Boulder and stumbled upon Art Source International on the web at

It's a relatively nice store, but even more amazing is their website which includes scans of all maps. If I owned a map/print store, this is exactly how it would work: Bricks and Mortar and online - both useful integrated stores.

Also, personally I'm interested in the series of George F. Cram maps of Denver which show the street maps as Denver formed including the streets around my house (supposedly built in 1894). It is currently on 3rd between Bannock and Cherokee, but it's clear that back then there was no such concept of streets in Denver and that manys treet names have changed.

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