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Tab completion in Windows 2000/XP

Your old bash favorite, now in M$ Windows

  1. Hit the "Start" button
  2. Select "Run"
  3. enter "regedit", hit OK
  4. Expand "My computer" (by clicking the little [+] beside it)
  6. Expand SOFTWARE
  7. Expand Microsoft
  8. Expand Command Processor
  9. Double-click "CompletionChar"
    1. Replace the value that's there with 9 (which is the ASCII equivalent of the TAB key)
    2. Click OK

I didn't come up with the sequence - but now it's here for reference. Thank goodness.

People Involved: 


For my windows 2000

For my windows 2000 professional, the above steps did not work and I am not getting tab completion behavior.

Ok. It worked fine for me

Ok. It worked fine for me on a bunch of windows2000 and XP systems. Did you find a solution that does work? I'm basically going to assume this is "pilot error".

Semi Working...

My Windows XP Command Prompt will only auto complete folders and files, which is great, but what about the actual commands? I.E. Say I want to complete "ipconfig", so I type in "ipcon" then hit tab and nothing happens. This is very disappointing; I hope that I am making a mistake somewhere and Microsoft Command Prompt is capable of this very basic and necessary feature of a command line. Of course I am a linux user, so maybe I am expecting to much of MS CMD?