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Frill - our new car

So, you already know why we got it from this old post. It's nice, so far.

Here is the mileage for it (as long as we remember to do it):

DateGallonsTrip MilesOdometerMPGValid?
Aug 12, 20059.46294.831831.15Yes
Aug 12, 20055.2916848631.73Yes
Aug 14, 20058.16266.663832.68Yes
Aug 17, 200510.0933697433.3Approximation
Aug 26, 20059.71336.2173034.62Yes
Sep 2, 20059.44330206034.95Approximation
Sep 17, 20059.24325238535.16Approximation
Sep 25, 200510.305352273834.16Yes
Sep 30, 20056.65240298036.09Yes
Oct 05, 200510.038373335337.16Yes
Oct 15, 200510.236315.53668.530.8Approximations

Some of these are approximations, because someone forgot to reset the odometer or write get a receipt so I had to do math to figure it out.

Guess who it was? She is losing winning the favorite Knaddison poll.

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