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Swedish Pancakes Recipe - Plett Pan

Here's my recipe for "Swedish" pancakes. They are very light little mini crepe kind of things and call for the use of a special pan that has 7 little divots in it. To make this you need a cast iron plett pan

The Pancake Recipe:

In a mixing bowl with a good pouring lip:

  • 1 egg (or 2 whites)
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1+1/4 cup milk
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1/2 tsp salt

Mix with a whisk to make them nice and fluffy.

Get the pan hot. Using a stick of butter where you have peeled the wrapper back, apply butter to the circles of the pan. Then pour the batter into the divots and cook on one side. When the tops are starting to get a little firm, use a mini-spatula or a knife to flip them. When they are all done you can pick up the whole pan and turn it over above a serving tray to get the pancakes off in one swoop.

Can you guess which recipe we searched for fifteen minutes this morning before we made it?

Top with syrup, fruit, jelly, powdered sugar, etc.
Serves 3 when served alongside some fresh fruit and maybe a little sausage patty.

Here's a photo of what the "plett pan" or "swedish pancake pan" should look like:

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Swedish Pancakes Recipe

Good recipe, close to authentic. However, Scandinavian purists (mighty few of those around) would suggest that the fat content of your recipe is too low. We make ours using half cream half milk, or of course, you can use half n' half. Also, for those who cannot tolerate dairy products, use liquid, non-dairy creamer in same liquid proportion. As a last comment, those of us who are of Nordic descent would use Lingonberry preserves on top of our cakes, but when not available cranberry sauce will do.

Swedish Pancakes!

OMG...I just made some what I think of as Swedish pancakes (like IHOP makes)...ha ha ha...not really authentic I suppose...I got them a little too thick, and I think they needed more sugar (maybe powdered on top). I used lingonberry preserves from Ikea, and they turned out great! This is a neat little pan...had not seen one before! I am a Swedish Pancake fanatic!!! Thanks for posting this! I am posting a pic of mine HERE if you want to take a peek!


[...] 2: begin to make swedish pancakes but reduce the recipe by a little bit of flour and instead use the leftovers from your mashed sweet [...]

Plattar made easier!

Do yourself a favor and buy a squeeze bottle for your batter!
I've been eating plattar for as long as I can remember and now as a grandparent make it for special breakfast days...
I bought a simple squeeze bottle and WOW... So much better.
Plattar is not hard to make and is so versatile... But the cook is quite tied up.
This makes the mess a bit less and you can join your family sooner!


my grand ma would make them in large quantities and freeze them being of swedish decent i loved them and still eat them need to go back to Salvange in california and get a new pan

My grandfather came to

My grandfather came to America from Stockholm, Sweden when he was 19. After several years of traveling and working throughout the US, he met and married my grandmother. He returned to Sweden several times via passenger ship and brought back a Plettar skillet with this recipe, which we serve with frozen (Surejell) strawberry, blackberry or red raspberry preserves:
3 cups cream
1 1/3 cups flour
2 eggs
1/4 tsp salt
Blend thoroughly. Ladle into hot, well buttered skillet. Use a square edged icing spatula to turn plettar to cook both sides.