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Start by sending an email to one of our names AT

Phone Numbers

Greg: 720-310-5623 (that's 720-310-KNAD)!
Nikki and Denver Spanish House: 303-246-6175.


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Our Home Address

We seem to move a lot but are now in a house...maybe that will last longer.

3121 S. Race Street

Denver, CO, 80113 USA

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Your Site

I really enjoyed your Alaska pictures. I stumbled on to your site while searching Alaska pictures. If I may ask, what business gives you the time (and $$) for such adventures...perhaps I am in the wrong business (student, hehe)...anyway, please travel to Japan so that I can see more pictures :-P



Well, my business is website development, especially using Drupal but what lets me take trips like that is probably a couple of things: priority on vacations, second income, being pretty frugal. Priority on vacations kicks in, for example, with taking vacations between jobs.

The other thing is that we generally take vacations to visit friends - which makes the vacation more fun, more fulfilling, and cheaper (no hotel).

As for Japan - probably not going to happen. Our interests mostly lie towards traveling to latin America.

Angies List

Angies list is a violation of the United States Constitution. The fact is anyone can pay six dollars to Angies list and say anything they want about anybody they want and not leave their name. This is beyond revolting especially when a persons reputation and livelyhood is at stake. The fifth ammendment states the right to confront your accuser. Angies list members beware when you make a defamatory statement in the public domain. If it is not true, you can be sued for liable. The following law suits have been filed aganist consumers who posted liable, untrue and malicious statements aganist SCS on Angies list. Here are the case numbers in the suoerior court of the District of Columbia; 2007caoo1726B and case # 2007ca0011725B filed. One complaint was from someone that was not even a party to any agreement with me. I dont operate like Angies list. I leave my name and refuse to feel like I live in a communist regime with Angies list controlling my fate. Our country has maintained its bill of rights for 231 years and now due process is out the window if Angies list continues to be able to ruin peoples reputation and at the same time profit from it. Furthermore Angies List would not post my response. Do a google search of SCS Contracting,DC and see what Angies list is doing to me personally and a successfull business of almost twenty years just because I challanged their policies and am filing a law suit aganist them. They have gone beyond being a a consumer site that posts the comments of others and have gone on the attck because they obviously feel noone can touch them. Think again, In the comming weeks a $50,000,000 lawsuit will be filed aganist Angies list. The Washington Post is doing a major story on this matter. If you belive in the United States Constitution you must be apauled by the unconstitutional practices of the dictatorship called Angies list.

Wow, I hope you get a lawyer

Wow, I hope you get a lawyer for your case because you sound a bit foolish when you say that Angie's List is a violation of the US Constitution. Just say they defamed you and you are suing them and the members who defamed you. That said, good luck.