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Green Building Supplies in Denver

One of the problems I have with a lot of "green" building ideas is that the products are so specialized you have to get them from across the country. At which point it's not so green anymore...

From elephant magazine I found Sutherlands Lumber which sells all sorts of building products in Boulder and Fort Collins. Not exactly convenient to Denver, but not bad.

They also had some tips for running a "green" business like commercial composting and products made from renewable sources like potatos available from Eco Products.

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Local Green Resources at


If you are looking for local green resources, you should take a look at GenGreen ( The site is new, but since it launched in Ft. Collins, there are a large number of businesses, organizations, and individuals in the Denver area using it.

On the technology side, the site has a ways to go. The original social network code was written using Smarty, but I've introduced Drupal behind the scenes using FeedAPI to aggregate green news from thousand of sites and tag it by state, city, and topic.

BTW, if you take a look at the back of latest issue of Elephant or the Elephant site, you'll see out ad dollars at work there too.

thanks for the tip

That's great. Nothing better than a whole directory of good local products that (eventually) runs on my favorite CMS :)

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