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Hot Drupal Videos for Drupal 6

The coolest thing to stick on your blog this days (since the release of Drupal6) is a series of screencast videos about Drupal6. Below are some of the videos about Drupal6 and the HTML you need to embed them into your blog. This page should make it easy for you to help spread the word about the Drupal6: Just pick your favorite video (or 3) and post them to your blog.

Note that for the first three videos they are "cc-by-sa" which requires the attribution link be to while the third is by Addison Berry of Lullabot.

New Features in Drupal6

Whey even bother with an upgrade? Well, the New Features in Drupal6 video should help get you excited to upgrade.

Drupal6 - The International Release

This version of Drupal includes a whole new level of internationalization (i18n) in addition to the localization (l10n) which has been in Drupal for years. This makes Drupal an even better choice for sites that need multi-language capabilities.

Upgrading from Drupal5 to Drupal6

Great, now you're excited to upgrade. Let's get to the actual upgrade process.

What? No Drupal5 install? You can get right to installing Drupal6

The Drupal6 Installation is the easiest install yet.

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[...] Actualización: Más vídeos sobre Drupal 6, todos juntos (y en inglés, claro) en Hot Drupal Videos [...]

Awesome!!! Very nice

As i am the beginner, it helped me understand the drupal by going through your useful screen casts.

Thank You