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Rain Skirt - The Intelligent Alternative to Rain Pants

Colorado is not known as a rainy place, but in the spring and summer months we do get our fair share of downpours -- especially in the mountains. This past spring my good friend Libby and her man Reid took off to Central America. But before they went, they were kind enough to hook me up with a great a-line rain skirt!

The Rain Skirt Story - at least as I know it

A while ago Libby made herself a rain skirt. The idea was simple - skirts are so useful and keep cool even on hot days. When you're wearing a cute skirt, how do you make sure that it stays dry? Why not combine her favorite piece of clothing with some protective goodness and a lot of time at a sewing machine trying out different designs to come up with the ultimate wet weather wearable? So, she did. Libby's rain skirt made her extremely happy and led to lots of envious looks from friends who had uncomfrotable rain pants or drenched legs when their long jacket failed to protect them fully. So, Libby started thinking about making them for other folks.

The Rain Skirt Evolution

Libby has thought a lot about the best way to bring Rain Skirts to the masses. She knows that she needs them to be professional, that's for certain. So, she started exploring vendors that make outdoor apparel and found a great company that creates lots of items for some of the big brands. They went back and forth with ideas for designs - both to make them more functional and more fashionable.

Rain Skitrs are Born

So, now the birth of Rain Skirts. Libby has formed Emergent Designs as her company to bring a high quality, fashionable, rain protection to everyone. She's got a team of Rain Skirt Testers who are trying them out in various climates. In the fall of 2007 Emergent Designs will begin selling their skirts to the masses. Visit the store now for details on 15% off your first rain skirt purchase.

My Rain Skirt Experience

It's really really exciting to watch this whole process come and go. Personally I've been testing my skirt in Colorado's demanding and difficult weather environment. And the results are naturally wonderful. I show up after a long walk to work without a drop on my outfit. When all my coworkers look like wet rats - I still look great. What more can a girl want?

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design ideas?

I was so surprised when I found the rain skirt website. Mainly because last year at a festival I had basically dreamed up the same idea. After walking around in the rain all day I found that my feet were dry due to rain boots and my torso was dry due to a lovely rain coat but my legs between those areas were drenched. Considering I was camping all night in those same pants that made for a very uncomfortable experience. So I made a prototype rains skirt for myself and was quite pleased with the result. When looking on the website I noticed most of the skirts were a-line and black which is great for a business or wearing out besides in inclement weather and I was hoping I could make a suggestion that I might be able to later buy, clear 3/4 length skirts cut on a bias so as to make them more flow-y. Many of my skirts follow a similar design and I find it more flattering to my figure whereas pencil skirts are not as flattering, and while I like knowing that my whole legs would be covered I would be concerned about dragging the skirt through the mud. Also I am rather fond of my skirt collection and would like to show it off even in the rain so if there was a clear plastic version that I could toss on and off at a moments notice that would be wonderful.
That being said I love the idea and I am pleased to see that someone else had a similar one and is running with it. I look forward to seeing new designs and will be recommending my friends.

Rain Skirt

I also came up with this idea years ago--my pattern for repurposing rain coats into "bRainskirts" will be on within a few weeks. Make your own!

Craftzine has published the

Craftzine has published the RainSkirt design I created some time back. It's almost free, very easy, works so well!
Enjoy everyone,

Rain Skirt

I thought I was the only one with this idea! I made one myself a few years ago and always get complements and amazement even though I am at best a beginning sewer. i am very glad this idea is out because it is an immensely useful clothing item and the ultimate supplement to a rain coat.