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Wild Side Fail - the Snuggie

Seriously? This is the "wild side"? This makes me wonder just how boring the "normal" side might be.

Discovered in the "Bed" section of Bed, Bath & Beyond. Sometimes when you have to go there you uncover a modern anthropological find worth savoring.

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Have you seen the commercials for these? Gag me! I think the snuggie might be a good idea IF it had a better name and wasn't marketed in a such a phony, hokey manner. I like the wild side edition...very funny.

Had the exact same thought

I saw the same thing in Bed Bath end Beyond and had the same thought... I uploaded it to fail blog about a month ago! lol

...Fail Better (Samuel Beckett)

Last weekend, I saw Wild Side patterned Snuggies for very small Walmart.

Seems the makers of this bizzarre product have taken Samuel Becket's advice to heart. If I can remember to snap a picture next time I see it, I'll post it.

"Ever tried? Ever failed?
No matter. Try Again.
Fail again. Fail better."
~Samuel Beckett