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We maded a babby (well, we started one)

How is babby formed? We needed to know.

We think we found out.

In all seriousness, little Henry Otto (as we call the baby in utero) is now 3 months along and due in the middle of March. Yay procreation!

(p.s. let's face it: it was only a matter of time before we became breeders)

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Congratulations Nikki and

Congratulations Nikki and Greg,

I, for one, wasn't worried about your breeding capacity!

I've always seen you as a couple who wanted to explore travel, different cultures, etc. first before starting your family. Now you've decided it's time. Good for you.



Hi Kids,
I'm so excited for you both. Sally could hardly stay on her seat Sat. nite at the party when she shared your wonderful announcement. I'll send your news to Katie and will be looking forward to pics over the months ahead. Congratulations!

Congrats you breeders

Man everyone is breeding, I am more worried about catching that then swine flu.

Conrats on the little Bambino

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