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Who is your favorite Knaddison: 2010 update

13% (10 votes)
13% (10 votes)
50% (38 votes)
One of the unconceived children
24% (18 votes)
Total votes: 76
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Cutiest little Girl EVER

I am filled with so much emotions regarding this little girl. She is so sweet and beautiful. I have so much love for the Knaddisons and I hope she doesn't give you too much trouble LOL. I love you all


"Lucy Knaddison, 8 lbs 2 oz, 21in of pure cuteness!" 4:30am 3-19-2010! Alright - congrats!

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!

Lucy you're the sweetest baby ever! Your relaxed demeanor is a joy to behold. I especially like watching you with you open your sparkling eyes and move your little self around so calmly. Kiss Kiss

Yay Knaddisons!

We're so excited for you! Labor couldn't have been too long, you left here at 10pm--good going mama! Sending love and kisses to the whole family, she's lovely!

I was wondering!!!

She is absolutely gorgeous. Que bella es su nombre. Me encanta Lucy y tambien el toque de latino con su apodo Luz. Well done amigos! Can't wait to meet her.

SO happy for you!

I see that Lucy has gotten 100% of the votes so far. Makes sense. Congrats to the entire beautiful family!!! What a lucky little baby (and what lucky parents). xoxo, Nathaniel's parents

Favorite Knaddison

I put in a vote for Nikki because she pushed the little one out.