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SVN Status Code Cheat Sheet

Here's a handy little "cheat sheet" that tells you what all the SVN status codes mean. I was tired of doing

svn status

? files/small.txt
? files/small_0.txt
M boards/phorum/cache
M boards/phorum/include/db/config.php

man svn

So I made this simple little sheet. Print it out. Stick it on the wall. In a month, you know the codes and throw it away (or better yet, give it to your friend who is learning SVN).

SVN Status Simple Cheat Sheet

svn status cheat sheet

Full Blown SVN Cheat Sheet

If you want the real-deal full blown Subversion cheat-sheet then there's this handy refcard that should cover most of your needs - but it's two pages and has all sorts of other stuff I don't care about. Hence my small status code cheat sheet :)

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Uh, where is your simple cheat sheet???

Where is your simple cheat sheet??? All I see are big giant "SVN Status Simple Cheat Sheet" and "Full Blown SVN Cheat Sheet" headings but no links except to the "refcard" that has no info about SVN status's output.

sorry about that

An upgrade had caused the image to no longer be displayed which made it harder to find the download link etc.

It should be there now.

More coherent SVN status versions

Hi folks,
Follow this link for more SVN status messages.

'I' - Item is being ignored (e.g. with the svn:ignore property).
'L' - Item is locked.
'D'- Item is scheduled for Deletion. etc...

L - is for item is locked. To

L - is for item is locked.
To clear that up u need to use the clean up command. " svn cleanup ".

cleanup - it searches your working copy and runs any leftover logs, removing working copy locks in the process.

Thank you

Even if this is missing a few thing, I sill find this very useful. Thank you for putting it together.

~ - is for messed up item

A tilda (~) can appear next to an item if either the type doesn't match (e.g. it should be a directory but it's a file) or part or all of the .svn subtree in a directory is missing. The quickest solution usually is to rename the item out of the way and then do an "svn up" on the enclosing directory to restore the item from the repository.

What about 'R'?

I always get 'R' after merging in the leftmost column. What the heck does that mean?

What does the status "E" mean?

I saw a file was updated with the status "E", does anyone know what this is?

I would've expected a "G" since it was merged up from a previous branch. Any ideas?

i got status "E" when running

i got status "E" when running a checkout w/ the --force option. it stands for "exists" and was implemented after v1.5:

What about the R, L etc

Output of svn status is in six columns - the table above only tells you about the first letter.
If you want to know them all, you need to run the man svn command, or look it up on the web - for example here



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Status codes vs switches

I was actually expecting info on the various switches available when requesting the status (that is -u -q -v etc). Here is additional information about results status codes -