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Halloween costume trends 2010: Southern University of Denver / Hampden Hills

I like to keep track of things. For halloween this year I tracked when people came and what their costumes were. You can see the google spreadsheet or download it as an spreadsheet.

For me, the interesting things were:

  • We had 61 people total over a period of 2 hours and 20 minutes. They started in the early period of dusk as daylight faded and there was a pronounced slowdown as the night got darker.
  • The most popular costumes were ninja, vampire, and geisha, but Geisha is just because a whole family did it.
  • I was tempted to tell the family that Geishas are sometimes synonymous with prostitutes and are a somewhat outdated idea that is frequently seen as sexist. I skipped it. (See what my friend Heather said about Memoirs of a Geisha for example).
  • My favorite costumes were the creative ones and were all girls: Facebook, Jessie from Toy Story, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Snookie, Bubble bath (but credit for that has to go to her parents as she was only 3).
  • My least favorite were consistently boys: A guy in normal clothes who drew a blue mustache on his face on our front porch and said his costume was "the creeper", two boys in relatively normal clothes with masks in hand. Weak!
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