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Why Angies List Sucks

Note: "sucks" is a pretty strong and immature word, but it's the word to use online when you think someone has a bad idea. So, if that's off-putting, get over it. Or start a "sucks sucks" site.

Recently I was asked what I thought of Angie's List. Frankly, I had no idea. I was told it was a pretty neat list that has good ratings of local retailers. The idea is that you are looking for advice on a company to hire for a service (e.g. car repair) so you check Angie's List and see the advice and ideas of other users who have used the site. It's basically like Better Business Bureau, City Search, or one of thousands of other local directories. Many of these directories are broken: biased reviews, paid inclusion, incomplete information, etc. This is where Angie's List claims to be different. They use "only" consumer generated content and require a "small fee" to keep the reviews unbiased.

Here's a bit on the policy:

Consumer support means it's honest: Companies don't pay to be on Angie's List. Only Angie's List members report on the companies they've hired. View the list of services rated in your area. Additionally, members make sure the ratings are clean and honest by supporting Angie's List. They pay a MEMBERSHIP FEE because we work for them (not the contractors) to keep the list growing with the most accurate information about the companies in their area.

Why This Angies List Policy is Dumb

Let's say that I'm a consumer. If Angie's list charges me $5/month I have to get a lot of value out of the list for it to be worth that membership fee. They have millions of customers though, so apparently it's compelling to some folks. Let's say that I'm the business owner, though. If I can create a fake email account and use my home address (or my neighbors address) so that Angie's List doesn't know who I am, then $5/month is a pittance for being able to enter a review of my own business.

So, their whole "we charge a small fee to keep the reviews honest" thing doesn't work for the stated policy, but it sure does help them bring in revenue without worrying about advertising.

Paid Position/Advertising on Angie's List?

Here's the worst part - after your company gets added they contact you and say something like "your company has been added and reviewed. If you'd like you have an enhanced listing you can pay us for that."

So the whole "we are acting in our members best interests" thing is bullshit! They have one interest in mind: their own.

The Review Problem is Real

The thing is - it's really hard to run a review site. Really hard. Getting valuable metrics is difficult. How does each user know if they should be trusting the other users of the site. Angie's List's paid membership program clearly doesn't make sense (though it may work than other current options). So, what's the future? Fortunately, it's the online corollary to the system you already use in real life: you ask your friends and colleagues via social bookmarking that helps guide you to the best local plumber. This is the clear way to solve the problem in the future.

Sorry, Angie's List. You could implement these features in your site, but don't pretend that the $5 is for anything other than your own pockets.

Edit: For an update and details as far as why you have to login to write comments see update post

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bad service

About a mouth ago.I had one of your service companys that i used from your list that does heating&air came out and looked at my heating problem.And when was finished.He told me that i needed a new board that runs the heating unit.So he told me that it would cost me about 300.00.Well he left and said that he would check and make sure he was right about the price.He called me back the same day and said he was right about the price 300.00.I told him i would have to wait i didn't have the money.I ask him if he would work with the price.Because i am on disabilty and only get payed once amouth if he could take half now.And the other half next mouth he couldn't do that.So i ask him what was i going to do for heat.He said i could go and kick it.and then laughted about it.I told him that was very funny.But still charged me 85.00 for a service call.So i called my gas co.And ask them if they could come out and look at my heating unit they said they would because i have ins with them so they did.And all they found was a spider web on the burner.And now it works fine.So i feel i won't need work from your list any more thank you but no thank

Angie's List Sucks. I was a

Angie's List Sucks. I was a paying member for a year. I wanted to get reviews of some contractors in my area and there were very few reviews - the site was almost worthless to me. So after surfing the site for some reviews, Angie's List started sending me notices and requests for me to review all the contractors that I viewed on the site, even though I never used them. They are so hard up for reviews that they even called me on the telephone at night to submit reviews. I cancelled their service and they are still contacting me to submit reviews, even though I told them not to contact me by telephone or by e-mail. So basically I paid money to have them pester me worse than telemarketers. The service was worse than useless. They became a boil on my ass.

Whiny contractors

Has anyone ever used an Angie's List contractor, only to have them whine the majority of the time about how much Angie's List is taking them for? That is the worst! I almost sent the last one out the door with my foot in a painful place. If you don't want to do the job, if you feel you have been suckered by Angie's List for the deals or coupons, then don't do them anymore. Get your leads the old-fashioned way. But to go to a customer's house to do a job and whine half the time about how you are only getting 60% of the coupon amount is in poor taste and I WANT to get on Angie's List and bad-mouth you to save others the grief of your presence and poor workmanship! In this day and age, you either suck it up and do better when you know better, or get out entirely. The economy is bad enough for everyone trying to make a living, including the customer paying for the service. Gimme a freakin' break!

sucks sucks

 As I was leaving my dentist's office a few weeks ago, I noticed an Angie's List questionnaire form to be completed on behalf of my dentist.  I think he is top-notch and so I took home a form, spent considerable time composing a quite favorable review and mailed it in.  
  This morning I went to Angie's List website to look up a roofer and discovered that I had to pay for access to reading any review.  So a few weeks ago, I when I had completed the questionnaire on behalf of my dentist, I got scammed into spending my time (I should say "scammed into donating" my time)  only to profit Angie's List. I will never complete another questionnaire for Angie's List now knowing they take valuable information from consumers  and then they turn around and "sell" this information to other consumers via their website.  
  I agree Angie's List sucks and I feel they should be banned from the internet.  Was the name "Angie" selected because it sounds like "angel"???  That, they are not !!!   I also agree that good, honest busineses could be greatly damaged by crazy nuts who write damaging reviews.    I rate Angie's List an "F"... Angie's List is a "taker"...  plain and simple they are thieves... and to read that they are charging businesses an outrageous fee to "jump the list" is unethical.  Shame on Angie's List.   

I joined Angie's List and am now re-thinking it...

I joined because I need recommendations in my local area but any business can certainly have their employees sign up for the $5 and rate their employer an A grade. At least on FREE reviews, there will be a lot more people posting whether they are either happy or not because it's free! You can get a better idea by reading what everyone has to say in detail. On Angie's List because you have to pay, the reviews are very limited because of the amount of reviewers.

400$$$ a month

It's over $400 a month and you have to make sure that you have people write you up or it's worthless. I didn't get enough results. It might be better for an architect but if there is no return there is no future.

one year all it took

I paid for a one year membership, because I had a couple of major renovations coming up wasn't located in the town where the renovations were going to take place. I spent a lot of time going over several of the reviews but eventually found a couple of contractors through other means--non paid websites. I did spend a lot of time writing extensive reviews on many companies and posting them on Angie's list. What do you get in return? A membership renewal notice/charge that's even more than what you paid for when you joined. Obviously, our time doesn't isn't valuable to them. Nor do they understand that it's consumer reviews that make their website and not necessarily the time they spend (have me doubts about that) making sure the reviews are legit---are you kidding me? What do you do? Call the contractor and ask them? Angie's is desperate for reviews!! I can tell because, I would continuously get emails from them asking me if I had used certain businesses in my area--if I did--would I submit a review--even when I logged into my account. Who's working for who here? My time is just as valuable if more than yours (Angie's List). For those thinking about renewing (or closing your account)--Angie's list will charge your credit card at least 2 weeks before your membership expires. Don't wait until the end. It takes a couple of days to get things squared away. It really took me a few days to get that money back even though I still had over a wee left on my membership. It's not as easy as they want you to think. They will offer you discounts and hound you until they are satisfied with the reason for discontinuing your membership. Good Luck.

angies list

when my father passed away in july of 2004,i had worked for him for since june of 1974,i couldnt afford to pay the legal fees to do a name change so i started my own company,my fathers company was on angies list and they said that they would list my company since i did most of the work for my dads company and would look at it as a name change,thank you angies list,iwas listed under painting and under handyman,starting a business for the first time was scary,no leads,but work did start to come in from angies list and my business took off ,99% from angies list customers and 1% from my dads old customers,things went well i stopped painting and concentrated mainly on handyman repairs because that was what i love to do,after about 6 years in i asked a customer ,by chance just where am i on the list?,he looked me up on his computer and said ,your on the bottom of the page,boy did i freakout,i said that cant be right ive been in the top 3 for 6 years based on my current reports and A grades,he pointed out that the top 7 companies had some kind of discount on labor,then i realized that was what angies list had been calling me and sending letters and emails about.well this was at the point where the economy had gone down ,it scared me so i called angies list to find out what was going on,why was i so far down the list when ive been a top rated copany for 6 years based on the work i did and the grades i got,they trold me that copanies that advertise got preferrential treatment,they wanted $285.00 per month from me to advertise a coupon that gave a discount to members,i said you want me to pay you money so the customer can take money from me as well just so i could stay at the top where i had worked so hard to get to that now i have to pay for that,the customer that i was working for at that time said thats EXTORTION,if you want to stay at the top it will cost you,well i was able to talk them down to $218.00 per month on a one year contract,when the next following year came up i wasnt going to renew they wanted $499.00 per month,i told them that i was going to pay and figured if i was on the bottom of the first page that wouldnt be so bad,they told me this and here lies the extorsion,they told me my company would rotate as far back as page 4,most customers i talked to said they dont go past page 2,so i got angies list to settle on smaller work area and ended up paying $175.00 a month,as of friday 13 2012 i have closed my business,ive paid for 3 months and they want to sock me with paying 30% of the remaining months,i thought that only the mob did stuff like this,if angies list actually got companies to pay $500.00 per month,$6000.00 per year lets say 10 companies under handyman,thats $60,000.00 if there are 100 categories of companies thats 6 million dollars from 1 citiy and sayu there in 50 cities thats 300 million give or take what kind of overhead do they have ,no wonder they were able to go public,you want to make money on stock heres a good one,ive believed that the list was a great idea ,but i think greed like so many other ventures will get the best of them .so now i go off to work for someone else,thanks and goodbye

auto repair reviews

Wow, amazing post. I was looking for the same tips for my auto repair services.. My friend suggested me to take a look at this site and search for auto body works so I got it here.

Sorry you are so upset!

Such strong language about Angie's List! Clearly you are upset by this issue! You should calm down and look at this from both sides, and then come to a logical conclusion, rather than an emotional one!

Using bad language ("sucks" - is that really necessary) to try to make your point only underscores how unhinged you are.

Angie's list is a legitimate company with a great product.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.....

My husband and I use Angie's list all the time! It is peachy-keen and has helped us from being ripped off! It is well worth $25 a year - we'd pay $50 or more! Keep up the good work, Angie!

You see how TROLLING works? The very first message in this thread - and it is a LONG thread attacks YOU, not the issue.

The goal is to make the person making the argument seem like an hysteric - and thus someone who should not be taken seriously.

The second type of TROLL is the buoyant counter-posting, which is used to help offset negative posts. Less astute readers may tally up the "good" and "bad" posts and then divide the baby in half.

If you use a combination of these types of TROLLS, you can defuse and disarm any criticism.

And yes, there are companies that do this - they advertise their services on Morning Edition on NPR. They "groom" a company's reputation online. It is a BIG business!

As you can see here, someone has tried to do this with your critique of Angie's List, which itself is a site with reviews that can be TROLLED as well.

This illustrates, ironically, how review sites are of limited use to anyone - unless you can carefully parse the comments.

WORD OF MOUTH is not a common currency, and a "review" from someone you don't know is not worth much.

Thank you for using Angie's List!


Angie's Troll.

Day care

Do you have anything on day care for children. If so do I ned to sighn up beoreIcan look. Also would it be best to look myself?

It looks like people who work

It looks like people who work for Angies List are posting positve comments on this site. I guess you can pose as anyone. I would beware of any company that has as many commercials as Angies List does. Does anyone really need a site like this? I think people can find a reputable contractor through word of mouth or an Internet search.

here's why angieslist sucks - my experience

Here's why they suck, from my perspective. I signed up for one month, they charged my paypal account, and THEN they popped up a "terms and conditions" window where I have to agree to automatically renew the membership, otherwise I cannot continue to their site, even though I already paid membership.


Not only that is highly immoral, it's probably illegal.

You can add angieslist to the same bucket as freecreditreport site (which is not free).

They are scammers.

Ok, but a pain to cancel

Got the info I needed for my health insurance, but there is no cancel option on the website. You have to call (recommended) fax or email service. You have to go through a 3-4 minute automated deal that is a pain but it beats speaking to someone who trys to keep you on board.

I find Angie's List very useful

It costs me so little to get good information. I've had excellent luck and saved thousands upon thousands of dollars following the recommendations of my neighbors who post on Angie's List. I need small contractors frequently and my stress levels dropped precipitously when I finally found good ones via Angie's List. That said, I have to assume the folks at Angie's List have no daughters, given their support of Rush Limbaugh. Pity - such a good service, but I hate my money going into Limbaugh's pockets. He hurts all women with his hateful rhetoric.

It Is Deceptive

I write web content for a living. Sometimes I write encyclopedic/technical articles and other times I write promotional pieces. I don't usually know where or how my writing will be used. Several times in the past year, however, I have had clients that stated that they needed reviews written for Angie's List. I've written positive and negative reviews for a wide range of different services.

The commercials that come on television where the founder states that you can't pay to be on Angie's list infuriate me. You obviously can. I cracked today when the commercial came on while I was actually being paid to write a positive review for a reputation management company that was going to post my "review" to the website.

Just a warning. Don't believe everything you read there.

Can someone really Slander your business on Angie's S@#t List?


Customers Review Below:
Member: Mr. Solano
Categories: Jewelry Sales/Design/Repair
Watch Repair Services Performed: No
* More Weight is given to a report where work has been completed.
Work Completed Date: April 10, 2012
Hire Again: No

Description Of Work:
Beware...this guy is a nut job. I took my watch for repair and not only did he and his "watch repairer" not fix the problem but one of them scratched the crystal cover and did a lousy job replacing it. And not just that, he accused me of lying to him about past service to the watch (service that was irrelevant anyway). I paid nothing because he was smart enough to give me my money back. He claims to know every jeweler in town and if he does not like you he will black list you with all of them...that is what he says he did with me. This guy is a psycho!
Member Comments: Terrible.

My Official Response:
I actually was able to prove that Mr. Solano was trying to get a free crystal for his Seiko.
Initially he brought in a watch to have the hands straightened. My watch repairman adjusted his watch the best that was humanly possible. He got a FREE crystal in his watch & No charge for the hand adjustment.

How he did it: He came to pick up the watch & before he even looked at the face he was stating that there was a scratch on the crystal. Then he proceeded to show me a picture that he nonchalantly took on his cell phone, I looked at the picture and the watch. On HIS picture there was a blur in the photo right where the scratch was, I informed him of that and he started to pout so I said no problem, I'll get it replaced.

After I got the watch back, my watch repairman informed me that the crystal was replaced before and it was done upside down. So I called Mr. Solano and asked where he had it done before? He said it had never been replaced. So I asked where he got his battery replaced. He told me (A major jewelry store's name). I do work on ALL of their High end-watches, so I just wanted to see if they accidently broke his crystal & replaced it. They had NO record of him whatsoever. I let him know this and as he with some difficulty told me maybe his wife took it in & said he would bring the receipt to prove that it was done there. Of course he did not bring proof. I have his original crystal & HIS own picture of his watch.

The only thing that I can say that would have been my fault was, not checking his watch before my repairman took it.

I’ll be happy to discuss this matter with anyone who asks, I have undeniable proof that I had done no wrong in this matter.

I gave him plenty of chances to fess up, if he would have been honest. I would have given him the crystal anyway and asked him not to come back. These are the nightmare customers that come in every once in awhile; sometimes they are so slick that you don’t catch them until they have gotten one over on you.

I have let many customers walk out of my store with batteries or other services with their promise that they will come back to pay me, some do and some don’t.

__________________________Message to You Good People!______________________

Now if that isn't a kick in the nuts to someone who is trying to help people, I don't know what is!

The problem I have with Angie's list is that: When you receive such a scathing review it gets posted immediately without contacting the business it is about to get your side of the story or any evidence that was procured by the store owner. Also, from what I understand... Once on Angie's S@#t List the review stays for 3 whole years before dropping off! I'm probably just gonna tell Angie's List that I'm closing so the business is deleted. Who really needs them anyway? Talk to your friends, ask them. Why go to log onto an anti-social network to find places? Go explore to find those worthy of YOUR business. If you don't think you trust someone DON'T leave your stuff there. Personally as a business owner, if I feel you have any inkling of distrust, I won't work for you at all. E.g. Seeing you taking pictures of your watch in front of me, shows distrust. I am a professional, what you ask of me will be done. If & When I mess something up it will be taken care of, that is just good business.
I knew I was being taken for a ride the moment he didn't even get the watch close enough to see the face and even see a scratch. But... I still took care of it for the "Now Blacklisted" customer.

Thanks for letting me vent, this string is so long that I doubt many will get to read it. For those who do, don't ever ever treat a small business in such a way. Gal 6:7 -GPH

Hermes Handbags

A person essentially assist to make severely articles I’d state. This is the very first time I frequented your website page and to this point? I amazed with the analysis you made to create this particular publish extraordinary. Great process!

Angies list

A friend of mine in the DFW area owns and operates a reputable wood flooring Company, you wouldn't believe the hassle he has had with Angies list Customers, some even blackmailing him to knock money off of the bill for a good review after the work was performed.
Recently I had to go and do some touch up work on a House where he had done a sand and finish, apparently they had gotten stain on the baseboards and bottoms of the door casings. When I got there what stain on the baseboards was golden oak from a Sand and finish from several years previously, the Color they used was Walnut. I spent a day and a half repainting baseboards and door trim as the original Oil Paint had yellowed and the touch up flashed. "that my Friend didn't get stain on in the first place" just so that he could get the remaining 50% of the Money he was owed.
After I finished , the Home owner was pleased and cut me the check, but to be honest the Guy was just after a free Paint job.
Customer did actually leave my friend good feedback.

Angies list vs Craiglsist

Why even bother with Angies list if you are Homeowner, just go to Craiglsist, it's free and you can always ask the Contractor for references and speak to the people they have worked for.
Personally when I need a Contractor, Mechanic , A/c Guy etc, I just get off my Butt and go ask around, verbal communication is a wonderful thing, and it ain't rocket Science.
Incidentally my Neighbor, is forking out $700.00 a month in advertising fees on Angies list for his moving company, and he got on originally by setting up Bogus accounts and rating himself.

Im sure when you get a

Im sure when you get a contractor from Craigslists (where people get murdered and non licensed companies are) and you ask for reference, he would only give you references for his best jobs..... accidentally leaving the upset customers out. When you send out a resume and put references down, do you include people who would give you a less than stellar report?

Not everyone on Craigslist

Not everyone on Craigslist is a murderer what a stupid thing to say!
Use discretion in eveything and always have other ways to check out contractors, through neighbors,
realtors, and the better business bureau.
But if this person has had good results with Craigslist or any other service, good for them!

Just another scammer

Well I will say this... I wish I thought of this scam! Angie is making big$$$ on this scam and people are paying it! I'm going to launch Tom's list real soon. It will be the best thing that ever happened to the www since Al Gore invented it. Please, all of you just send me $4.99 and I will recommend anyone that gives me $9.99 to recommend their service. No, really, trust me, I would never riop you off. Thank you so much!!

for profit

These people are no different than who got shut down and ripped many people off like myself as a contractor who was promised leads and who was promised a refund if I didn't get any leads in one year. All I got was junk email and nonstop telemarketing phone calls after they went out of business and them selling off my info to telemarketers. And its obvious that most of the good comments here are from there own inside people. Angy probably is really just some over wait guy who wants to get rich at the expense of other hard workers and potential customers.

Angie's List Sucks

After reading all of the comments I do agree that Angie's List's advertising is misleading. Though contractors can't pay to be on the list it is clear that they do have to pay to be on the front page and they have to at least be a member to see what is written about them and be able to respond. I don't trust the BBB rating for many of the reasons already stated and when a contractor does have a complaint against them, there is no way to know what the complaint was or how it was resolved. I like the detailed reviews that I can read on Angie's list. And I always read the contractor responses. I know that there are wacko customers. I do disregard most of the negative comments where the contractor did not do the work. And when the customer says that the contractor didn't call back etc, I just look to see if there are a number of those. If there is only one or two, it is pretty obvious that there was a miscommunication. I read all of the reviews carefully. I especially read how the contractor handles it when things go wrong. No one is perfect, or sometimes items arrived damaged or get broken, it's how the issue gets handled that is important.
Let me state up front, I am not a bottom feeder, I don't go with the lowest bidder unless they stand out for some other reasons. But, after having lived through (paid for) very poor contractors I find the annual Angie's List fee well worth the expense. Many contractors, for various projects, require a third payment at the beginning for materials, etc, a third half way through for labor, and a third upon satisfactory completion. On several occasions I have had contractors walk away from the final third when they under bid a deal and tried to avoid meeting agreed to specs or substituted untrained personnel who botch it up. Or sometimes they get a bigger job and just want to bolt, leaving a mess to clean up. As I mention up above, I like being able to read all of the reviews. Though I understand that it is extremely difficult not to take it personally, contractors should not freak out over a bad review if it is an isolated situation. They should respond professionally. It can make a big difference.

Try our Website - 100% Free

Try our Website - 100% Free

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they get the money coming and going

So you think that contractors don't pay to be on Angies list, guess again.
I got on Angies list and had all of my customers send in reports, a year Later
I have an A rating on Angies list and have not gotten one single lead. Well as it turns out to be listed
where people will actually see you, you have to pay Angies list $400 to thousands to get
the "Best visability". I got a phone call from Colton at Angies list and he says hey you have an A rating, let me show you how to get that A "out there". So for $400 I can START to get out there,
ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME, I should have been out there a year ago. Angies list
you suck suck suck

Your Right the Whole "List" is Flawed and Hyped!

I was on Angie's List about 4 months then wrote them a letter to stop them from taking $5.00 a month from my account. I didn't realize it but I had put my daughters phone number on the registration and they are calling her weekly to come back! She says they just do not get it that 1) she isnt' the one that paid for the service in the first place and 2)they don't seem to want to stop calling even if its a mistake!
So if you want to try Angie's List do not give them your phone number and write them a cancellation notice.

Now about their system, it is flawed since the people I wrote good reviews for had some really bad reviews, one didn't even use their service they just didn't like the personality of the guy who gave her the estimate!
If you don't use the service you shouldn't be complaining about "no work done". In fact they give you a box asking you if they did the work if the didn't then the review shouldn't be published at all!
My heating/ac contractor and the guy I had the fence work done both had issues with Angie's List and so did my tree trimmer. If I was a contractor I would sue them for the biased ways, maybe even unfair business practics, the website is conducted. I certainly would file something against their people who keep calling and calling to get you come back!!!

Your Right the Whole List is Flawed and Hyped!

I was on Angie's List about 4 months then wrote them a letter to stop them from taking $5.00 a month from my account. I didn't realize it but I had put my daughters phone number on the registration and they are calling her weekly to come back! She says they just do not get it that 1) she isnt' the one that paid for the service in the first place and 2)they don't seem to want to stop calling even if its a mistake!
So if you want to try Angie's List do not give them your phone number and write them a cancellation notice.

Now about their system, it is flawed since the people I wrote good reviews for had some really bad reviews, one didn't even use their service they just didn't like the personality of the guy who gave her the estimate!
If you don't use the service you shouldn't be complaining about "no work done". In fact they give you a box asking you if they did the work if the didn't then the review shouldn't be published at all!
My heating/ac contractor and the guy I had the fence work done both had issues with Angie's List and so did my tree trimmer. If I was a contractor I would sue them for the biased ways, maybe even unfair business practics, the website is conducted. I certainly would file something against their people who keep calling and calling to get you come back!!!

No opportunity !

If a client posts a poor review on a company like they did me. We should have the opportunity to resolve the matter.
I pride myself on Great Customer service and will bend over backwards for my clients. When a client posted an average review of my company. I never found out about the complaint until 7 months later. It's a little to late now.
The client didn't post their bad review until 4 months after I finished the work. That seems odd to me.
If the client was so upset, Why did they wait that long ? Sounds like the client may be working for Angies list.
I posted a complaint on the ripoff report and one of their representatives sent me a rebutall back to me.
They were very arrogant and obnoxious with their comments. Angies list knew I was upset about not having
a chance for due process in resolving the matter with the client. Their representative basically called me dumb
and they said I did not know the law. Well, if all these bad comments and poor business practices continue
with Angies list. Angies list will know the law through my attorney. If a client posts a bad comment or review.
The business should be treated fairly and have the opportunity to resolve the matter before any poor comments
are made public. This is a poor business practice Angies list is practicing and will eventually lead to a law suit
against them. I was simply informing them concerning good customer service skills and they were rude and insulting
to me. I have been in business for 18 years and have never met a company with such arrogance.

I wish I could get a review on Angies List

I would be willing to give a free candy bar from my business to get an honest review on AngiesList. I plan on using that new system called when it comes out next year. Your profile needs to get validated and it works off of credits rather than a fee so you only pay for what you use. Anyways, time to pour the chocolate....

good suggestion

I've had issues with angies list, yelp and city search. I actually go to to get reviews on any business. I would recommend just taking a look at it and seeing if its for you..whether your the business owner or the consumer.

Angie's List Review Scams

It is far too easy to buy a membership, then buy one for 8 of your friends. You get these friends to post a positive review about your business. Then, each one leaves a negative review about your main competitor.
Angie's List requires NO verification the work was ever performed. In fact, all a member has to do is SAY you were rude to them on the phone, or promised to do work that was never done, and presto, your companies reputation is RUINED.
Think I am kidding ?
It happened recently to my company on Angies List!
I protested the fake review, and Angie's List took the members word!
No Work was ever performed.

Angie's List is NOT CREDIBLE

I was recommended a contractor (NOT THROUGH ANGIE'S LIST) who provided me with reference letters that I followed up on by calling and even driving by their homes. I did my OWN research and the contractor was an absolute delight to work with...I honestly do not think there are general contractors out there like him. My house was out on the market and sold within a week and I give a lot of credit to his and his workers' craftsmanship.

Incredibly happy and joining ANGIE's LIST just to write a review, I saw there was only ONE review on his company and it was INCREDIBLY negative. I built a good relationship with my contractor and asked him about this report to which he explained the full and honest story. I entirely believe him as his story makes much more sense and having seen and experienced him working on and inside my home for the past 4 months.

ANGIE'S LIST CAN BE BIASED and I honestly feel terrible that my contractor has such a negative ONE review on the list as I feel it inaccurately reflects his and his company's values. The only reason I am not going to list this person's name and company is because looking at the review is only negative and not representative of his work. I have highly recommended him to 2 of my friends already and they have used him and have all walked away incredibly happy.


From personal experience, I can say that Angie's List takes at least 6 months to even publish a review! They thoroughly background check everything in the report and about the consumer. If you don't believe in it, don't buy it, but for some people it works. Who became judge AND jury here? We aren't all so stupid that we jump to pay for Angie's List for no reason. There's a lot of research and contemplation before making a commitment like that. And its for the people who can afford the site and afford the services!

Angie's list

Any law firms outhere willing to sue Angie's List?

I am sure enough people/ companies are hurt by Angie's List, we can gather a large sum of money to pay the attorneys!

I am willing to pay $100 to start. Sure, we can find a 1,000 firm like me throughout the country and this would be a nice retainer.

Help people for free. If

Help people for free. If they did not need it initially, they would not contact you. I'm sure you have advertisers to pay for your commercials

Help people for free. If

Help people for free. If they did not need it initially, they would not contact you. I'm sure you have advertisers to pay for your commercials

Be careful

I really don't know how good the service is and am not likely to find out. I signed up for a 1 year subscription online and paid thru Paypal. Prior to completing the subscription they required me to check an acknowledgement that my subscription is automatically renewable. I never allow automatic renewals on anything I purchase and would not complete the subscription. They were paid thru Paypal but would not refund my payment and I can't access the account unless I allow the automatic renewal. Be very careful when dealing with these people.

Angie's List - A View from a Contractor!!!

We started with Angie's List over three years ago, before it went public. Angie's List at that time, was honest and reliable and brought lots of business to our company. The reporting of contractors on Angie's List is a one sided story. There are two sides to every coin. As being a contractor who is legitimately operating and putting 110% into their company and satisfying their customers, Angie's List can be devastating to the reputation of your company. They let homeowners believe that companies cannot pay to be on Angie's List. But they dont tell them that, after the first review goes on their site of the contractor, the contractor gets solicited to go into an annual contract which for us started out at $300 per month. Since Angie's List went public, our annual contract has increased to $33000 per year!!!! What a jump. What a scam for a company that says they are only looking for $5 a month from the the consumer to help manage their reviews.
Homeowners do not realize by being members of Angies List, they are only enabling them to suck the life out of contractors and doctors.
Not to mention the unfair reporting procedures. Usually in a court of law, you are not found guilty without a trial. This "List" is against everything this country was built on and should be dissolved and Angie should get a big fat "F".
If you are looking for a good contractor, whatever happened to asking your friends and neighbors.

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Check it out,!

Angie's list actually CHARGES

Angie's list actually CHARGES people to write their own reviews. What a racket! You do the work and someone else gets the money! People in this country really are idiots. Who the hell pays someone to work for them? Morons. Hey come and wash my car. I'll only charge you $20 to let you wash it each month.

AG's List BS

Basically Angie's list was a good idea. But like any thing it can be corrupted. It charges you to be a member so right off it tells you it is a business and not a list. It allows post from customers that are upset about a service they received. And that is fine but they do not allow companies to rebuttal a post and tell there side of the story. Not all customer are on the up and up as we are lead to believe. Angie's list pretty much opens the door for con's and scam artist who go though life attempting milk the system. I myself have seen this first hand. No matter what service is give there will be those that complain and well bitch to attempt to get the service or product your selling for free. No matter if you stand on your head and play the banjo they will pull all kinds shenanigans to not be charged. The bottom line is give it to me free or I will write a bad review and scare off future business for you. And you can not do any thing about it. It like a child that don't get its way it goes and tells on you. This is whats wrong with country we live in today. "I want it free." They typically are friendly polite and pleasant until time to pay and then you were the worst service tech ever. They will down right lie and accuse you of wrong doings weather you guilty or not. They spew more BS then a manure factory. AG's list needs to named con's list. If you use Angie's List then understand what is written about some of the companies are not what they may seem. Some companies have a few bad apples but companies that have been around awhile are trying to provide a service and do not want those apples in their barrel. Lord forbid if they make a few dollars trying to do so.

Neighborhood Service Network

One of the previous comments stated that Angie's List is the only company that will black list you from there website if they find out you are self-reporting or bashing your competitor. That is not true. I run a review website at called Neighborhood Service Network. Not only will I blacklist you if you are self-reporting but I expose that fact on the site.

It is really hard to run a review site. I know because I have been doing that for many years. The main challenge is how do you ensure that the reviews are truthful? If you read enough reviews the bogus ones are pretty easy to spot. In any case, we do have a validation process and make it easy to identify those reviews that have been validated. We also focus on the most important areas of your life such as your home, health, and auto. If you want to rate hamburgers go see yelp.

If an online business profits from the same companies they are rating that is an obvious conflict of interest. That is why there are absolutely no fees for the business owner or consumer at NSN. I am fully aware that some customers are unrealistic and never satisfied so I will allow business owners to respond to complaints while protecting the privacy of the consumer.

Beware of Angie's list

My business had a review from a consumer about 3 weeks ago. The consumer talked negative about our business for a supposed incident from the year 1999 over 14 years ago. Our company did not sell the product nor the type of service the consumer talked about negatively. I immediately contacted Angie's List and forwarded the proof and documentation necessary to prove my case. I was told that I would get a response within 3 business days and that they needed to re-verify the information with the consumer. Ten days Later I still had not gotten a response from Angie’s List so I contacted them again and within a couple of hours I received an E- mail stating they could not contact the consumer for verification and because the consumer was a paying customer and they own the review that the review would stand as it is. They allow a fake and false review to stand for the dollars they collect. Apparently money is more important than the truth. My advice for consumers and business alike is to not trust Angie’s list. They are scamming both consumers and businesses for their own profits. BEWARE

Cannot "Unsubscribe" to Angie's List marketing emails

Cannot “Unsubscribe”-
When clicking “unsubscribe” on the link listed directly in the marketing email that they just SENT TO MY EMAIL ADDRESS, I’m asked to enter my email address on file (keep in mind that this is the same email address they JUST SENT ME MARKETING MATERIAL TOO).

After entering THAT email address, I recieve an ‘error’ response saying there is no such email address on file. After trying this several times, I called the customer service number and spoke with someone named Patrick S (after being transferred and on hold for 10 minutes), he was a very nice person and told me that he would help me. I later received this email;

A Message from Angie’s List

Angie’s List (Patrick S) 02/11/2013 11:21 AM
Thank you again for your call today Joan. Here is a receipt confirming the cancellation of your Angie’s List membership. Your account will not be renewed, and you can continue to use your membership until it expires on 1/30/2014.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns. If you ever need our help in the future, we’d be delighted to welcome you back! Thanks again for being a member of Angie’s List.

Patrick S
Angie’s List

The next morning, I received another Angie’s list marketing email. Attorney General & BBB next stop!


how can someone in there right mind sleep at night doing this to people. I was looking for a cancer specialist and happened on her website to review the dr. I tried to join and got to the end where i had to pay for this service just to get a review of a doctor. how dare you things are bad enough and you try to take money from people that can barely afford and then they hope the review is accurate which from what most are saying they are not top it off you say business cannot pay to be on your sight? but you make the poor people pay to access it. Wow what a heart you have..i can barely afford cancer treatments then i come upon this...i hope you get shut down i apologize for speaking so harshly but what is this world coming to when you have to pay to find out if a doctor is good and then pay even more to go see them.

branding task force

Angie's list will use ALL the information of any small business critiqued on the web site.. so if they have all your info on their web site... why in the hell cant you use their info on your website?? Im not a paid member im a free member! so even though my business has an A rating.. i cant put anything about Angie's list's on my website unless i pay for a membership of 850.00 a month. In the past i used their logo since i was a free MEMBER.. but i would get calls from their ( Branding Task Force ) threatening to sue me if i dont remove it!!

So whats the alternative ?

There are flaws in a lot fo things, i dont think angies list is perfect, but tell me a better service . Its definitely a starting place when you are looking for a service that you know nothing about. Tell me the better service.

Read this -

Consumers are to blame. They care more about how much they can get for the price rather than quality. They don't bother to educate themselves before interviewing contractors. When I visit their homes to make repairs and ask them how they allowed such shoddy work to be done they say "well my friend used them and they were great". I've sometimes had the opportunity to visit their 'friends' homes too and the work is rarely 'great'. Most homeowners only see the thin skin of the paint or the veneer of the cabinet doors. I walk in with experienced eyes and x-ray the job like Sherlock Holmes in about 2 minutes and realize that what they got was nothing more than a 'movie set' job. It looks good or perhaps 'worked' for a short time - but rarely do they get value for their money by looking for a deal. During the housing boom scam building a 'set' rather than actual 'building' was what folks wanted because they were only looking to flip and hand off the dump to naive buyers. Now everyone is 'inheriting' all these problems / time bombs.
No contractor takes money out of his own pocket. In fact the truth is they make more by charging you less because they don't have to spend the time going the extra mile to build in longevity. Contractors know what cheap materials look good or 'work for now' & you don't.
"Fast, Cheap, Good - pick any two" is the only mantra you need to remember. Just pick any two and exclude the other.
Homeowners forget all about the long term realities and that's what Angies List preys upon. You shouldn't be allowed to leave a review until a year has elapsed, in my opinion. All these so-so companies have adapted to the same customer service tricks used by large corporations, paying you lip service, working psychology with empty attitude. The only thing that matters is not if the contractor is late or early, or swears etc. etc. - The only thing that matters is the quality of the work that the Homeowner is now 'stuck' with for the next 5 / 10 / 15+ years, and these fools are talking about if his boots were clean?! Or that it 'looked' like good work?! Tell me exactly how many homeowners know the building code? Actually a trick question because they learn it quickly when they go to sell their home and a guy like me comes along, hired by the buyer, and finds all these issues that have only gotten worse with time. Now the foolish Homeowner has to pay for the lackluster work all over again and at inflated prices or at additional cost due to exacerbated collateral problems.

In the time it took to write this I could have created 15 fake email accounts & gotten friends and family to also help me over about a years time create a slew of positive reviews. It is soooo easy. It only takes one small job to pay for any investment. (what fine upstanding friend or family member wouldn't feel ok about leaving you a good review - hey know you already and think you're great right?).

Just remember, any time money is involved impartiality goes out the window. Angies list is preying upon laziness.

Quick story: Client had water drip in upstairs shower in a rental. I told him I found mold inside walls and that I was bowing out and that he would need to contact a qualified mold remediator. He said - "ok, I'll use Angies List". I warned against. He called the two top rated companies to come out. My eyes rolled during each walk through with these clowns. (I've taken both Lead & Mold certification classes but don't do that work). Neither of these companies were licensed contractors (in California you don't have to be a licensed contractor to be a certified remediator BUT 'technically' you should at least have a C-21 'Demolition' license. On top of that neither company when asked was going to take an asbestos sample (Federal law requires this and there is jail time if you don't). And neither company had the required 'Pollution' Liability Insurance (differs from standard Liability Insurace) meaning that if any problems occurred down the line and some sniveling tenant lawyered up and pretended to get sick the landlord would be left holding the bag.

Personally I think people get what they deserve when they gamble with their property. If they took more time and educated themselves there would be NO need for junk like Angies List. The truth, like freedom, is always difficult & rarely easy. It requires work, and when others want to bill or tax you for free information - watch out.

Angie's List is a fraud

Not only myself but others I have spoken with have had horrible results using the alleged service providers on her list. What we have been able to ascertain is that the providers themselves (or friends and family of the providers) are purchasing memberships and then they post rave reviews and by the time you hire them you have realized that this site is a fraud. BEWARE! Forewarned is forearmed.

I personally know that

I personally know that reviews are biased on the site due to contractors lying. A contractor I know claims he does home energy audits, but has never purchased a CFL or LED lamp in his career! Contractor also admitted to skewing results of a popularity contest locally by purchasing numerous magazines to submit their own reviews. Seems the honest guy finishes last and the bad contractor finishes first sometimes...

review right on the money

Tried AL for 2 weeks and it was useless, especially the health company (doctors) part. The list is definitely manipulated by companies and in actuality I believe that many of the high rated companies get good reviews because people think they are supposed to do that. I had one of the highest rated AL companies come service my AC unit. The guy was a dope. Not very professional and certainly not a true technician. ANother company came for a bid and all the guy could talk about was some lame ass AL certificate.

Folks, get recommendations from people you know and the demand to go physically look at the last 3 jobs your contractor did and talk to people they worked for.

There is not a MIke Holmes around every corner, trust me!

angies list does suck horribly

I bought into their claims and bought a membership. However, when I travel I cannot use the services in other 'chapters' as they call them. I travel 90% of the time. So, if my membership is in Austin, than I can only look up businesses in Austin. I cannot look up good hair stylists or doctors when I am in Seattle on business for a week because they aren't in my 'chapter' I guess i could pay for extra chapters... but that also 'sucks'. I am asking for a refund tomorrow. Just a heads up for those that travel.

I agree 100%

Not only do we have to pay to get a list that is not accurate but there are other websites that are free where we can obtain better information. I personally called a contractor from Angie's list who claim that they are licensed, bonded and insured and when infact they where nowhere to be found in the state website when I looked up their license information, they have no insurance nor a bond. I used Angie's list because they claimed to have reliable licensed contractors, since they do "research" to keep up their website up to date. I could have gotten the same type of contractor at a home depot corner where it would have been just as good as the one I get from this wonderfull Angie's list. So yes I agree this website SUCKS!

All this so some lardass

All this so some lardass housewife can get rich, and get her face in ads where she looks like she just smelled a fart.

Getting off Angie's List

It's very difficult! There is no way to do it on the website. You have to call and spend time on the phone doing it. It's antiquated and designed I'm sure to discourage people quitting the service. They position themselves as a friend of the service, and I felt ripped off using them!

Angie's List is another over hyped useless service.

Angie's List really hypes their site.

Our insurance coverage for dental work changed, requiring that we use specific providers. Since they were all ones I was not familiar with I did an internet search. In each case there was only one review for the ones I searched and I was having trouble finding many reviews elsewhere.

So when I clicked on Angie's List a window pops up requiring payment to see anything and after paying each only had one review which looked like it was written by the service provider. So I paid Angie's List just to see what amounted to an ad.

Adding insult to injury Angie's List sent me a follow email (SPAM) to spend my time writing a review.

From what I could see Angie's List is running a fraud. I got nothing of value and I will not renew at the end of the year. And that brings up another scam, they default to automatic renewal.

I have no intention of paying for the privilege of giving them free reviews.

Angie's List Sucks

Terrible site. The web site seems to be designed to discourage reporting of business that ignore requests for service.

When the user clicks on “no” in the “Did the company/individual perform services?” field, the questions should end there, but they don’t. It STILL demands service date, how much was spent, description of service, how it went overall, address where work was performed, etc. It’s a huge waste of time.

DO NOT rely on Angie's list ratings.

Used a business with a good rating on Angie's List. After a horrible experience and experiencing fraud I checked other sources and found that others had a like experience. The problem is that the business is run by some thugs and anyone rating them negatively on Angie' list is harassed and intimidated into removing it. Anyone giving a bad review on Angie's List is given the personal information that Angie's list has to the business being reviewed.
I will never rely on Angie's List ratings again and have cancelled my membership.
Why pay for a service that is subject to manipulation to the extent that it does not serve the purpose it is based on?

The Entire Angie's List Premise Is Flawed

The entire idea is ridiculous. What makes it ridiculous is that someone is supposed to pay a monthly/yearly fee to this fat sow for something that they will most likely use once a year or even less. In addition, reputable companies are long established. The BBB can tell you for free how these companies are and if they have complaints. Moreover, her stupid, annoying ad states that no one can pay to be in Angie's List. Well, how many, many companies get around that is to contract with third parties who solicit and hire individuals to write reviews and they are paid for each review they write. You see these ads all the time on Craigslist as "work from home" schemes. There are plenty of sites where you can check out local businesses for free. This fat sow Angie just needs to go back into whatever hole she crawled out from and stop stealing people's money for nothing. My God people, how dumb you must be to give this Beeeeeetch your written reviews FOR NOTHING and PAY HER for doing so at the same time! You'd have to be really, really stupid to do that.


It looks like Angie just got too greedy. That greed will become her downfall (the sooner, the better). I know people who, when they find it's a pay service, refuse it all together. I did too. I only need it once, to check out one surgeon. No way am I paying for that information, when I know it's available for free on the net. I hope Angie chokes on her money.

Angie's List Sucks Bigtime

From the commercials one would get the idea Angie's list is free. Well it isn't. With a little net surfing you can find services in your own neighborhood free of charge with ratings and reviews. So why bother with Angie!!!!!!!!! She;s a total waste. With the money spent on Angie's list I could buy an extra pak of cigarettes.

Have to wait forever for service

I purchased a "deal" for electrical work that I need done. I've been told he can come out in 5 1/2 weeks. Thats ridiculous. If you are that busy then why offer a "deal" to consumers. I am very disappointed that I purchased this and since I need the work done within the next 2 weeks I probably wasted 99.00. Think I'll use word of mouth from friends and family from now on.

Angies List sucks

This company has never turned a profit, and now as a public company is under pressure to do so, so now instead of "user rated companies" they will introduce paid advertising to the site. So a contractor or Manufacturer wants to promote them selves they can get first spot on a specific search (ie roofing, siding, gutters). What a Sham.

Contractor member

My company has been with Angie'sList for well over 10 years. We do NOT pay to be on the list, nor do we pay for reviews. The reviews are legitimate in our case. We pay to be placed higher in their advertizing matrix.

We are currently not happy at all with Angie'sList. They doubled our rate in 2012 and now want to double our rate again.
The number of calls we receive and the number of jobs secured has been stagnant or even dropped.
Why would we pay MORE for a service that is less than the year before. Also, the customer service (on the contractor side) is absolutely the worse I have ever seen. It takes days, weeks, even months to get anything done. We tried to open another location in another state and after numerous phone calls and emails, we gave up on Angie'sList after 9 months of struggle.

The company probably hired a bunch of Harvard MBA grads that are idiots. This company lost direction, got greedy and started burning their contractors. Not long before they fail as many before have failed.

My company is looking into other forms of advertizing. Time to move on!


I think people are confused about what the BBB stands for. They have been around for well over one hundred years, therefore obviously they are doing something right. A business cannot buy a good rating. Any business can apply for accredidation but they go through a strict backround check and they must meet the Bureau's high standards. Yes they pay a fee. That fee goes toward the BBB offering services to the consumer as well as to all business that are accredited as well as those that are not accredited. There are thousands of businesses that use the BBB services that are not accredited members. The BBB remains neutral when working to find a resolution between the consumer and the business. Are there crooked business and consumers who lie to the BBB? Of course there are. The BBB relies on both the consumer and the business to police themselves in the marketplace. Have there been BBB's that have not followed the BBB's ethics, standards and trust? Sure there has been. The great thing about the BBB is that they too police themselves and will not hesitate to get rid of a "bad player". If you do your research you will see that the BBB has expelled huge rich companies that refused to abide by their high marketplace standards. I trust the BBB 110%. Again when a business has been around for over one hundred years they must be doing something right!!

Sorry--but you are completely

Sorry--but you are completely wrong, and completely naive.

(1) The BBB has nothing to do with the Government. It a series of indvidually owned franchises, like a McDonalds. That means that the right to operate a BBB for (US City) is bought by a business person. The cost to buy each franchise is VERY expensive--many millions of dollars. Why? Because the BBB is a license to print money based on naive consumers like yourself (no disrespect intended). Because so people "trust' the BBB, the BBB will sell its logo and seal of approval to ANY businesses that will pay for it. (approximately $1,000/year). Any rip-off company can give the BBB its money and be a "BBB-approved business". The only cost to the BBB is the three stickers they give you!

There is no background check whatsoever. NONE. My business joined several years ago, just after we filed our DBA. WE were taking money from people, before delivering a product--yet the salesman didn't care. All he was looking at was the check on my desk.

It is true that the BBB will (slowly) investigate complaints from consumers about a business. The problem is that most complaints cannot be proved (or disproved), so most complaints are not registered; (2) the local BBB's conflict of interest from its 1000's of paying businesses means that it is reluctant to register even a valid complaint about a member. But they will do so for a non-paying business.

For this reason, you cannot trust your BBB. Don't believe me? The Entire BBB for Los Angeles and Southern California was recently expelled from the main body because of fraud last year. Google BBB Los Angeles and you will see.

Angie's list lacks validity and therefore integrity

In reviewing the Angies list post for our company ProBuilder I found a negative declaration from someone we have never met, talked with, or worked for. This compromised our standing. In a roundabout way Angie's list forces business to have as many people post positive declarations as possible to keep their average high. Here's the thing if a negative declaration can be posted by a non-client so can a positive declaration be posted by a non-client. Even when contacted Angie's list refused to remove our invalid negative declaration. Our only option was to be extorted into contacting all our past clients and having them post real reviews to mitigate the false negative. We chose to not go that direction and further support what can be best described as a means to squeeze money and resources out of legitimate businesses through the threat of compromising our reputations. Isn't that extortion?


I had a horrible experience with Angie's List. I was so dissatisfied that I am putting together a website about the experience and buying a domain name to publish it. If you read articles like this always read the comments at the end. You will be very hard pressed to find any good comments at all about Angie's List. If you are a business and advertise there, they make you find a year contract. If you have any issues at all with your listing they rarely offer any help to fix it. Instead they will essentially thumb their nose at you and offer to charge you 35% of the yearly contract fee if you want to get out. They can hold damaged credit over your head if you don't pay the 35% of your annual contract for cancelling. This is an incentive for them to ignore service requests, and they seem to do so religiously. In my case it was a typical "bait and switch" where the sales rep described a listing and placement that in reality didn't exist. He promised to fix it repeatedly, and repeatedly apologized for the weeks and weeks that went by (almost two months) that it went unsolved. I was very nice with them, and offered them lots and lots of opportunities. Finally I felt obligated to start threatening to leave negative reviews and a BBB complaint. They just thumbed their nose at me... so here goes. I'm now a passionate whistleblower. Just look at their many BBB complaints and you'll get a pretty good idea how they do business. BUYER BEWARE!

Why I don't like Angie's List

We live full-time in an RV. We also have a home in Virginia that is rented out. All of this means that we frequently need to find contractors,etc in MULTIPLE locations...sometimes at the SAME time. But NO, A.L. doesn't allow for that. We have to pay $10 additional for EVERY other location we want information for...that just seems like robbery to me.

We recently needed to find a physician in one city and a contractor in another city...this is how I discovered this policy. I wrote to them about it, but they are very unapologetic about it and offer no other options. Basically it's "sorry about your luck".

We will no longer use A.L....I will just do the research myself, and after reading so many of the reviews on A.L., I'm not sure I trust all those reviews anyway. Reviews on Google seem to do the job just as well.

Just my 2¢ worth.

Interior Designer Advertising On Angie's List

My company has been on Angie's List for two years. I will say we do get many good clients and projects, however we also get a greater number of leads for clients who are not a great fit for our online interior design business model. As a business Angie's has given us and continues to give more opportunities to advertise to get more exposure. This shouldn't stop people from using the angies service in my opinion - however what should stop you from using the angies service is the inaccuracy of the reviews. We've received greater than 15% of reviews that are in error, either posted for our company when we didnt provide service or posted about our service but inaccurate since angies prompted for the review over 1.5 years after service was performed. I recommend professional resources, for example you can visit to evaluate interior designer profiles or sites like where designers recommend their favorite contractors and service pros.

You are pretty much right

No way am I going to PAY to get reviews. There are so many other free ways of getting reviews. There is google reviews, Yelp, yahoo reviews, social networks, family & friends. This was probably a great thing to have when there wasn't Internet. They send me emails all the time. I asked them to stop sending them, so they increased the emails (at least it seems that way). Oh & there are medical sites that you can get real reviews on doctors, as well as the state medical board to see if a doctor had any actions against them.

Angie's list sucks!

I have been in the business for about 7 years. I have worked really hard to earn a decent living for my family and then I do business with this crazy man from hell and everything goes South. He thinks he is always owed something, that I have to cater to his needs, did not paid in full and has the nerves to sign up with Angie's list to become a member and is now trashing my business. A sales person calls me to ask me to pay a fee to drop my review from a D to a better position. The construction industry in Houston is huge; You find many hard working, honest people in every direction. if someone is signing up to become a member, that should tell you they are the ones with the problems.

Angie list the cash cow

I will be quitting Angie list as soon as I cool off enough to call them back. This Sales Lady who was rude and as soon as I went for the pay off on my ad, they keep wanting more money to be placed on first page.I had about 7{ A} reviews and about 6 non member reviews. Then when you do not get any calls they say you need more reviews. She did not say that before I forked out $500.00 for not one call and then I went for the pay off and she is a real jerk after that, my profile vanished and she gives me the run around when I call about it.
Angie list you turn your clients into CASH COWS, the really big deal is a Joke! They get a cut of the action every time you make a dollar, just when I was thinking I am glad there is not more taxes, not to worry, Angie's list won't let you down. They will suck you dry better than Vegas. At least in Vegas you get a free drink, Angie list gives free kicks in the nuts, if you still have any balls left that is !

thanks angie


I used to spend thousands per month to promote my business via yellow pages internet etc… now I just create an email for free using Gmail, yahoo or a host of hundreds more pay 30 bucks a month to angies list, write great reviews about my company bragging how awesome we are. You know very professional, great job, cleaned up after the job was complete, pet the dog, played ball with the kids, oh and fixed the misses. Then I exit and create another, oh wait before I exit I trash a few of my competitors, you know nothing to bad that they can defend themselves against like providing real work, no I go for things like sales guy looked real unprofessional, they were late, or never showed up at all for the estimate at all. Of coarse they never showed up we never called them! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! My company now shines like a diamond and my competitors look like dodo thanks Angie I don’t know what I’d do without you, oh sorry hun. Just remember not to do to many per month like 1 to 4 max don’t want to look suspicious. Even the dumbest American might catch on, these sheep love this crap they feel so informed and smart, you know got to be a good Steward with the money. Wake up fools!!! A house divided can not stand! I know 1st hand of a few businesses that do this: search Redman Fence every review sounds like a broken record. “Terry and the crew did an amazing job…vomit….vomit…they smiled were professional and were just awesome, really? last time I checked people barley paid to review a company to complain and get some type of relief, two page dissertations on how great the company is and pay for it???? more vomit. Angies list is a company built on lies and deception they will not last long term. One last note, Angie tells it’s members that contractors can not pay to be on angies list. Did you know that after your company receives a few great reviews (you know the one you write, wink wink) Angie will be in contact with your company inviting you to pay 500.00 per month to be placed at the top of the list? No conflict here, after all your the best! you said so! time and time again! hahahaha thanks Angie your the best!


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Angie's List Sucks

Angie's List is just as much of a scam as Enron and all those banks who issued mortgage loans in violation of the law. Their advertising says they are on the consumer's side when in fact; they get 70% of their revenue from the businesses they are supposedly posting objective reviews on. This is per the Sept. 2013 issue of Consumer reports which gave them a very bad review. They gave an A rating to LP Appliance Services and LP was so grossly incompetent; they caused a major leak on my kitchen floor. 3 other contractors have verified LP started removing my old dishwasher without even turning off the water, then bent a fitting causing a major water leak, then tried to turn off the water by squeezing a pipe shut which was not even the right pipe. I have 4 witnesses who can state there was no leak in my floor in the 24 hours before LP arrived. Then LP just ran out my front door to avoid liability. I also have pictures of all the damage, LP's fingerprints on my dishwasher and the pipe LP squeezed to try and shut off the water. Now I find out LP is unlicensed and Angie's List does not verify for licenses, verification of customer reviews does not include 3rd party verification, i.e. verifying with a bank that the supposed customer doing a review actually paid the contractor with a credit card, check or cash. The above is just a portion of the evidence I have gathered against LP, yet Angie's List has ruled the cause of my damage is "indeterminate", basically siding with the grossly incompetent contractor.

Angie's List also gave an A rating to a J.R. Putman heating company who claimed I needed a new furnace. Two other contractors verified the furnace only needed a minor repair and one of the other contractors said they had turned J.R. Putman into the state contractor's licensing board 3 times due to their falsely claiming consumers needed new furnaces when they did not.

Angie's List is just another scam taking money from contractors who are also scam artists.

Angie's List has a class action shareholder suit against them and I hope consumers start a class action, too.

Built the business on others

I am 59 years old and remember when Angie's list started. I contributed many, many reviews at first of local businesses. I received emails from the service reminding me to post my reviews of businesses. I often wondered how they made income, but there were ads on the site, so I figured it was ad based. Once their database was large enough, with reviews contributed for free by people like me, we get emails wanting a fee. At that point, I quit contributing. There are SO many avenues to check out a business or find a service for free, why would you pay. On line phone number look up services for free have reviews on many businesses. Don't pay unless your that insecure.

very disappointed with Angie's List on day one

AL claimed to have many more service providers that they actually had. they claimed 65 in my area when they returned only 2 after they got my money. Cheap education. Will be sure to tell all my friends about my experience. People should get their recommendations from real people that they know, I should have.

Angie list sucks


Like you can believe this site to be true?

Oh, that's right, everything on the internet is true!


Angie list sucks


Like you can believe this site to be true?

Oh, that's right, everything on the internet is true!


Why I canceled my personal account.

I started being pestered to review companies that I LOOKED AT online but did not contact to have any work done. Also I found the booklets that I received monthly more like junk mail than an incentive. After a year of this I cancelled them. After waiting on hold for a long time I was asked to keep my subscription at a discounted rate but I declined.
Before joining I did read their policies and I noted that it is impossible to really demand that people be honest. Angie's List is a service that we all pay for and they want to make money- so time has always proven that profit will always prevail. I always thought it was rude to ask for more money for me to review someone after I already paid the yearly fee.


IT is the WAR ON SMALL BUISNESS and SHE WORKS FOR THE GOVERMENT. IRS, WORTHLESS WORKERS COMP, OSHA and INSURANCE COMPANIES . "THINK ABOUT IT" ... A nationwide website to slander small private companies without a rendered decision from a JUDGE in THE COURT OF LAW is unconstitutional, illegal, and is working very well to eliminate THE millions of small contractors and PRIVATE BUISINESS OWNERS so the biggest will prosper. .. Angie is not a Judge and KNOWS nothing about autos or fireplaces or metal flashing or metal fabrication so why take her advice?????? ANGIE ALSO POPS UP under every small sector google search engine on the first page no mater what... [ GOVERNMENT ENGINEERED WEBSITE ].. How did this nation get built without ANGIE ? it is about the government trying to control and make even a painter buy expensive insurance, rip off workers comp, ridiculous expensive illegal licensing never ever required in history... as if work is just coming out the asses of these contractors....What about possible illegal workers for big roofing business? ?? But you notice she has nothing to say about what corporate cheeseburger to eat or what chain to buy from like wallmart or target, Wendy's or mcdonalds, lowes or home depot, autozone or napa, what insurance is best Angie.... " WHY NOT ANGIE " because they would sue your ass and shut it DOWN and so should we. The fact is that she is a GOVERMENT OFFICIAL WORKING TO CREATE MAYHEM FOR THE PRIVATE SECTOR. And if these contractors were smart they would nationwide boycott and nationally sue who is involved and any other type of website that may emerge. The fact is that the people and small business are being ripped of by Insurance companies, chain Corporations, LOANS, and workers compensation especially in OHIO and I can prove it...

Request For Service Not Found - Billed Without Notification

I think what bothers me is not that I could not find the specific service I needed but that I was renewed and billed on my credit card without any notification. I do not deal with any company that does the auto update on my credit card no matter what it is for. Easier then obtaining new card. I am glad for those who have found Angies List a solution to their problems.

Angie's List is a joke

I have been trying to cancel my Business membership for 3 days. I am even willing to pay to go away but I keep getting the run around. Finally with the help of my attorney we got a cancellation. I will never use Angie's List again.
I have negative ratings from people that never used my service. Of course Angie's List is so not helpful with this.

12 Angieslist user accounts are keeping my business going!

I was a little surprised to see this web page but not shocked. I am a plumber in the XXXXXXXX metro area of XXXXXXXX XX X X X X X X and I've been subscribing to Angieslist (AL) with no less than twelve user accounts for the past four plus years.

Why would I do such an underhanded thing?

Because a customer that thought that I had overcharged them, complained to (AL) via one of their FAIR reviews. That review was made after losing a suit they brought against me in court in which I was found free of any blame and even my attorney's fees were paid by the FAIR reviewer.

In order to compete fairly after something like that, I needed to fight back and since (AL) would do nothing about the review, even though I was not what I was accused of being which I proved in court. Coming from a close knit family with five sisters and two brothers and countless nephews, nieces, in-laws, ETC., ETC. was a big plus. The cost of having twelve or so accounts is trivial compared to what just one bad review can do, to a company that has not been reviewed a lot of times on AL.

To even the playground I pay for my relatives (AL) accounts and they tell the world how great my business is--the saddest thing is that they are not lying, I am always honest with my customers and I always do good work which I back up. If something ever goes wrong with work done by someone in my company, I will personally fix it so that I can see where they went wrong and teach them how not to go wrong again.

(AL) is not good for me or for my potential customers. They are a hindrance to small business owners that I am sure that the current politicians love since YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT that anyway.

Bottom line, people spending money on AL are not really getting what they think they are getting. Social media (SM) can also be manipulated but at least the one SM that I had to ask to clean up the BS from same said customer, did something about it by removing the lies when I proved to them that the untruth existed. AL does nothing of the kind on behalf of NON-PAYING-BUSINESSES. But I guess that if I wanted to succumb to their bribery, perhaps they would clean up the untruths? I'm proud to be who I am and refuse to be bribed by AL or anyone. I can fight back and guess what -- IT IS NOT ILLEGAL.

Why and How Angie's List is TRULY of Value to Business Owners

Until and unless you have used Angie's List on both sides of the fence, I would not disparage the site.

The original post suggested that business owners can create a fake account and post great reviews. No - you can't and Angie's List Blacklists businesses caught doing that. They compare names and phone numbers and credit card names constantly back and forth to seek and 'destroy' those 'cheaters' who try to trick the system. I know many business owners who inadvertently stepped over the line. The customer wanted to submit a review, but didn't have an Angie's List account, paid cash to the contractor to use his credit card. BAM - the red flag popped up and the contractor was black-balled from Angies List for a year. It's not worth it to cheat, and I can't say it won't happen, but most honest businesses will be ethical and honest.

On the other hand, there are "evil consumers" and " unethical competition" who gets their friends and families to submit reports that are not factual and not true and they were never customers. If the business can prove this complainer had no interaction with the business being reviewed they will work with the business.

My husband performed a carpet cleaning for a client, who complained we used 'chemicals' in her rugs and carpets even after she explained she had allergies. He didn't. The carpet technicians used bio-allergenic detergents based on her request and showed her the bottles and the chemical listing of ingredients. The carpets were absolutely perfect when company techs left. She immediately demanded her money back after they left claiming the carpets were cleaned with dirty water, etc., (when that was physically impossible - clean water tanks and discharge dirty tanks completely separate - no connection or capability to use dirty water from tank). She left a scathing review on Angie's list, then turned around and used a 'dry cleaner' (same day!) that used petro-chemicals on her carpets! Needless to say, my husbands' company issued her a refund immediately to avoid any bad PR. She still came back and left an 'F" on our review, even though we offered to re-clean, to re-clean with different detergents, and issued her a refund check, and apologized profusely for not coming up to her expectations. SHE never gave us the opportunity to 'fix the issue' she complained about.

In response - we investigated all the "other reports' by this woman on Angie's List. It was quite obvious she posted horrible reviews as a 'hobby.' She really was one of those customers who were out with intent to harm as many businesses on Angie's List as possible in her spare time. She had reviewed no less than 30 other companies on Angies List giving them ALL the "F" review, a few "D" reviews. She even admitted a few of the companies she hadn't done work with - and she gave them an 'F' because they decided NOT to do work for her - seeing her as a bad risk before any work or estimates done. We left our 'response' by simply refuting her obvious lies very tactfully and diplomatically, and then informed readers to look at her other reviews to see the trend. This is the only "F" (all our other reviews are A's and B's) the husband received compared to over 160+ positive reviews.

Angie's List does charge consumers an annual membership to get onto the site to review and see what contractors they wish to get estimates from or be referred to. This is MUCH BETTER than the BBB's business model. Who would you trust more - consumers who pay money to leave reviews? Or, the business who has paid to be on the website as a contractor? The BBB model looks after the business' interest (though they claim otherwise), while Angie's List looks after the consumer's interest.

Businesses don't have to pay to be on Angie's List, but AL has loads of special advertising options to get more visibility. And AL is loyal to the buyers - the consumers - who use the list to get the 'truth' as other consumers see it for that service.

I would highly recommend Angie's List to any consumer looking for high quality services. They recently changed their membership rates to three tiers, I believe, so that saves me money in paying for three different cities (mine, my mom's, and my Mother-in-Laws) to get a nationwide account at only a few bucks more versus $39 plus $20 extra per city.

Why Pay for a subscription to Angie's List?

Why would you pay for something that should be provided free of charge to the consumer. Angie's List is just like any other business trying to get your money. The fact and truth of the matter is that most of the reviews for services you find on AL is either faked, inputted by friends or relatives. The website is FREE and does not cost you anything. You can research and find potential contractors or just about anything for the home, yard, business, etc. The main thing is that IT IS FREE!! So stop being duped by AL who wants your money. By the way, the commercials you see on the TV are friends of hers.....

Oh, they suck alright

Angies List says contractors cannot pay to be on the list. But, dear friends, they can pay to have negative reviews removed. We had a conflict with a home warranty company that put a warranty on a house we were selling without requiring an inspection. When the furnace was inspected as part of the sale, the heat exchanger was cracked (we didn't know this) and the warranty company declared it a previously existing condition and not covered. I filed a complaint with Angies List, and when asked what I wanted for remediation, I said, a new furnace or absent that, my fees back. At this point, you need to know the company already offered me my fees refunded. So Angies List got involved, I got a check for $140, no new furnace, and a whole lot of pressure from their rep to remove the review. WTF? They say removal is the "carrot" they use to get companies to do what customers want. Trust me, we found out later the warranty company has 9 complaints with Iowa Better Business. They haven't stopped being scumbags, but, if Angies LIst has its way, you will never know it because my review (the only one) is gone. Angies List sucks.

Angie List is for Dumb People

It is similar to a scam. One of my neighbors used it for getting a contractor to do some woodwork. They said the work was awful and checked with the BBB. The contractor has numerous complaints against him.

Air duct cleaning

I recently moved to the Raligh/Durham area and yesterday I received a VALPAK envelope with a coupon from Alpine Air LLC. The offer was for cleaning unlimited vents in the house plus one return for $39.95. Everybody with two working brain cells KNOWS immediately these offers are scams. However, I was curious as to the reviews/BBB standing for this Alpine Air LLC of Concord, NC. It appears they are on ANGIE'S LIST and have a BBB rating of F. The latter is not surprising but the former certainly is, or at least it was until I started getting informed about ANGIE'S LIST. I think I will continue the time tested method for screening contractors and services. Personally checking references. considering trusted recommendations from neighbors and friends and common sense.

Wholeheartedly recommend Angie's List

I'll make this short and sweet. It is nearly impossible to get neighbor reccomendations for all home maintainence needs. I live in a large suburban area, so if I look at AL reviews, I'm looking at a minimum of 20 or more. I like that it gives the work performed and the price charged. I'm a businessman myself so I can overlook the "never called back for my "free" estimate" reviews. Unfortunately I cannot pick and choose my customers so kudos to the contractors that can. After 25 years in my business I get a feel for the client I cannot satisfy. Through Angie's list I have found an honest, good, clean working and reasonable Electrician, Plumber, chimney repair and painter. I recommend the service and have not been dissapointed. Sure beats picking a name out of the penny saver and keeping my fingers crossed. The key for me is number of reviews. Anyone can dummy up 2-5 bogus reviews. Planting 30 or more positive reviews for a business is a job in itself and not worth the time investment. That's my 2 cents for what works for me


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No verification in my experience.

My wife found an Electrical contractor on their site. Small independent provider, he looked quite scary. I'm sure I do to some people too. I was working at home, not paying attention after letting him in. After 8 hours I heard the guy installing wire in my attic. I stopped him and asked "What are you doing. We asked for an estimate." He replied "Getting ready for the work I'll do later." I reminded him I had not authorized any work, called my wife and said "This guy supposed to be doing anything." She said no. "Where did you find him?" She replied "Angieslist." At that time I'd never heard of Angie's List. I had to ask him to leave and provide me with an estimate. It got extremely uncomfortable. I was almost to the point of getting into a physical altercation with him or calling the Police. I ask for the justification and rationale and he stumbled and stammered saying the whole house needed to be rewired because I had knob and tube wiring. Yes I did, I knew that, but it was an inactive artifact of the house that existing soley in the attic. The guy expected me to pay for the complete job because "it all had to be replaced. My house would catch on fire, kill my family and pets." I told him under no uncertain terms their would be no contract or work performed until I got an estimate. Not a fucking ball park figure that may change "Because I still ain't figured out how much work needs to be done." The next day I got a $5,000 estimate (Yes, indeed I did) to run a wire to a freaking light bulb to in an attic. No deal. I told him it was ridiculous and I would seek another electrician. He had the gall to tell me I would be fleeced by a larger company. His wife called me the next day and demanded I pay $500 for the 50 feet of wire he ran. I told them I would end up being a legal issue if the threats continued. I paid them for the cost of the wiring based on the price I found at Lowes per foot. Incidentally it wasn't connected, just lying there.

The guy had 5 positive reviews on their site. Their is no way in hell that guy was verified by that company. I found and contacted another member out of channel, by phone and she stated she was fearful of him and he basically fleeced the poor woman for roughly the same amount of money he attempted to get from me.

I did tell his wife I would write a bad review. She begged me not to do so. "He has a problem we are trying to overcome and we are working to get back on our feet." I felt sick over the issue and it just heartbreaking to hear her story. He seemed to be a problematic alcoholic and complete asshole. I simply wrote. "I cannot recommend his service. He attempted to perform work I had not requested and offered a estimate for his service which was completely unreasonable."

I later found an electrician who charged me $150.

Most contractors are not rip off artists who threaten and intimidate people, but hard working people trying to make an honest living, just like you. My experience was likely a fluke, but my wife trusted the presence of the company on Angie's List, which a listed a very unscrupulous person.


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Similar to these websites, there is another website called where home owners do not pay to post or read reviews. But the main highlight of the site is the detailed profile where you can see a contractors's background including license, insurance, certifications and references like below:

Angie's List is a JOKE

My husband and i joined AL in the fall prior to a move to a new residence…I found the moving company in the
Angie's List magazine that came with my membership…ALL AROUND MOVING was the worst, most awful mover in the world to us..they broke personal property and property period…they laughed when they broke stuff…they had no shame and I called Angie's List…they said that anyone can advertise or be considered a recommended service if they AVERAGED AT A C..THAT MEANS THAT ALL THE E AND F RATINGS GET AVERAGED UP….I THOUGHT THEY WERE A SCREENER FOR THE CONSUMER…BULLSHIT.

I would NEVER allow anyone to advertise or list anyone if they had anything but a five star of A rating period. WHY BOTHER?

I think Angie's List is a great big JOKE and they DO NOT care about the consumer. amen.

Didnt work for me, might work for others

I have a small carshop in LA and last year I was contacted by Angie's List to place a web ad. I was apprehensive of the cost and the fact that you have to make a year commitment to advertise but I went ahead but it didnt really produce any results for me but of course for Angieslist. I spent over $ 2000 for the first year and I got maybe 2 new customers, so needless to say I discontiued my membership. There are other sites like or
where you find new customers basically for free, I guess they make their money thru advertising. Angieslist might work
for other businesses, unfortunately it didnt work for me

Kudos, Greg!

This page shows what a zoo the internet really is. It has to be fodder for something but I don't know what. Reading this stuff without going nuclear (except with the family) must make us stronger, stabler and more objective. I will now step outside and go screaming down the street.

Where else can this happen?

Best Respects.

(but why did I have to be precise about my home page?)

Angieslist, Craigslist, Thumbtak, Jobquotes

I wouldnt say Angieslist is a joke, it works for certain businesses. I run a a carpet cleaning business and I have tried out different sites, sites where you have to pay as a local pro and sites where you dont have to pay. Turns out there was really no big difference in consumer responses, so I stayed with the free sites like and but it probably also depends on the business you are in and the area your business is located.

This is a race to the bottom

This is a race to the bottom for the customer. Angie lists big deal takes 9 to 40 % fee from contractor. This cancels out the market place which charges 3 to 9% fee from the contractor. The original list is never looked at because angie forces you to keep discounting your price and she keeps taking more.

If you keep forcing the business to offer better deals and takes more money , you end up getting the worst people and the good guys who are experienced and hire experienced people never get seen. You get crap labor and crap products.
She wanted almost 500 dollars a month for lake county il.
Angies customers are going to get every scam fly by night contractor because of Angie's greed.