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delicious "thai" peanut sauce

This is a delicious peanut sauce. I can't really say that it fits a particular cultural style, but it is a blend of various different recipes and most closely resembles a "Thai Satay" sauce.

peanut sauce
soy sauce
peanut butter
coconut milk (optional)
curry paste (optional)
cilantro (optional)
garlic (optional)
onion (optional)
brown sugar (optional)
hot sauce to taste

1) coat the bottom of the pan with just enough oil to cover it and put over low heat
2) add in peanut butter stirring frequently until peanut butter is melted (NOTE: don't let it sit on the heat and burn, this is very sad when it happens)
3) dice and add in garlic, onion, cilantro and brown sugar (well, my super dried out brown sugar needs to be diced, maybe not yours)
4) add in soy sauce, stir until it's a homogeneous consistency
5) add in coconut milk and curry, again, stirring until homogeneous
6) add in hot sauce and/or peppers

Eat. Generally speaking I like this sauce so much that I end up licking the sauce pan at the end of the meal.

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Hot Sauce

Hi Greg--
you know steve made this my home page about a year ago and I'm not so savvy or motivated to figure out how to change it so I'm checking in on your doings every morning. I'm noticing a lot more entries lately--are you doing the cooking now? seems like you're a man with some serious spare time...

well, kinda

I'm not sure about the rate at which information gets posted. Also, sometimes I'll write something and then save it and then edit it for 5 seconds and publish it, so the date it gets published isn't necessarily correlated to when I wrote it.

For the recent recipe entries, those are mostly recipes that we have on notecards lying around. I hate paper lying around so I mostly just type it into the computer somewhere and recycle the piece of paper. Then I lose the file where I typed in whatever was on the paper and I can't find it. By sticking it on the old family website, google finds it for me :)

And yes, when you guys come back in town to visit I look forward to making some peanut sauce and fried tofu over noodles, with a side of habanero salsa, and then if you want to spend the night we can have Swedish (plett) pancakes for breakfast!