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Stop Wasting Time when you Search

I frequently find myself doing two things:

  1. Using the google site: keyword to search
  2. Using the Drupal search to search

I'm also a believer that the fewer keystrokes the better, especially in light of RSI experienced by "professionals" doing computer work. So, why not eliminate a couple hundred keystrokes a day with a Firefox quick search?

Get the Bookmarks

Here are three links to bookmark:

  1. Google Site: Search for
  2. node search
  3. user search

You can also download a bookmarks import file to import into Firefox (Bookmarks > manage Bookmarks > File > Import).

Tweak the Bookmarks

Once you've added them to your bookmarks, open the bookmark manager, right click on the Google Site: Search, go to the properties, and set the "Keyword:" to be a simple to remember letter or word - I use "d" as my key for this search. For the node search I use the keywords dn and for the user search I use du.

Use the Bookmarks

Then, going to the URL bar and typing "d handbook" will take you to a Google search for the term handbook on the Brilliant.

This is pretty basic stuff and I probably wasted more letters by typing this all up, but it's too neat not to share.

IE users - you're out of luck. So go get Firefox.

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I'm bad

I've set up a Rollyo search for and I know it's better for the community if I use Drupal's own search, for behavior tracking, but I can have Rollyo in my Firefox search window. Just too easy.