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Helpful functions for writing Drush commands

There are lots of great tutorials out there for how to use drush, but not as many about how to write Drush commands. I periodically dig in and find useful drush functions, but then forget them a month later when I'm writing a new drush command.

So, here is a helpful list of Drush-specific functions that will make your life easier.

  • drush_log - note that the second argument is the type of notice and it can be a 'notice' by default or 'warning', 'error', or 'success'.
  • drush_confirm - ask people if they want to do something. Users can override this by adding a "-y"
  • drush_prompt - prompt the user for some input like a filename or a date value
  • drush_choice - send the user a list of prompts like the 'drush cc' command presents you a list of caches you might want to clear out.
  • drush_user_abort - break out of a command if a user aborts the operation.
  • drush_get_option - check if the user provided an option on the command line like -h
  • drush_set_error - throws an error so the user sees it and the drush script ends with an exit status of 1
  • drush_print - prints out information

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