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I'm in Planet Drupal (blame Rob)

So, in the tradition laid out by Ken here's a "first post" into Planet Drupal now that my feed is getting picked up there. It probably also means that I'll have to work a little on performance modules lest my site get bogged down with the extra traffic.

I don't have much to say except that stuff like being included in the Drupal Planet Aggregator is about as exciting as when my first patch got committed. Maybe it's much ado about nothing, but I think that little stuff like this is what gets people excited about being involved in a project. So, it's very cool.

My involvement with Drupal is based around a small business looking to help other small businesses and communities to get a great website. Ideally a website that will get them laid. There's lots of people in Denver/Boulder who are using Drupal so I sent out some emails and started getting people together for meetups which has spawned the Denver Drupal User Group we're small and turnover is high, but Matt and Mike are getting some value out of it.

In truth, it was these screencasts that got Rob excited enough to ask me to get a feed for Planet. Which is a subtle way of saying you should blame Rob if you find my posts boring.

And if you find what I have to say mildly interesting, well, here's the archives of Drupal related stuff but you probably already knew how to find that anyway, didn't you.

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Good to see you in the planet, Greg.

Hmmm...t-shirts? I got added to Planet Drupal and all I got was this lousy t-shirt?

I'd buy that

I want that, and a T-shirt with the front:

"Don't ask me about my business plan"

And the back:

"1. do cool open source internet stuff
2. ?
3. profit"