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Stupider Spam

I've had fun with stupid spam in the past, but this was basically just as good in a different way.

I just got a call from an autodialer - they didn't actually talk to me, just played me a voice mail. I rarely go over on minutes, so I wasn't too worried about the time, but it's my cell phone for crying out loud.

Now, she was offering me website development and hosting solutions, which is great, because I do that myself. So, this is a company that is active, relatively large, and probably offers competitive rates - a competitor worth investigating. And, what do I find? They charge more money than I do for far less quality or service. Sweet. Thanks, aplus, for the phone call so that I know a good place to point my customers before I give them better service, better websites, better hosting, and for less money.

UPDATE: A couple months after this call I got a call from a live human at aplus who asked if I was interested in their services. I said, "no thanks, I provide basically all the services that you do for less money." She said " you do search optimization" which I said, "well, yes, I do but I don't believe that 'optimization' can be an add on product and instead should be built into the site from the beginning." Her response was that they would "guarantee first page placement in the results without modifying my sites" which I can only imagine would land me in one of Matt Cutt's posts about people who are suckered into buying SEO in a way that just doesn't work. No thanks, guys.

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