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Facebook Social Map - What I Should Click vs. Want to Click

If you ask to become my friend on facebook and I respond by assigning some strange social map characteristics, I'm sorry. The thing is, when that little "How do you know...?" box pops up I just have this amazing urge to select the wrong thing.

I'm not entirely sure why I get this urge. I mean, in general I like having structured data about the world that is accurate. Is it just an immature joke like "it's funny cause it's not true"?

Above, What I should select vs. below, What I want to select.

On a related note, I've listed my relationship as "it's complicated" because let's face it, being married is complicated. I mean, she is a complex woman!

I write this because I'm curious if it happens to the rest of you.

Also, my facebook page or linked in profile. Yeah. I'm hip to the social networks. (p.s. - if you add me on one of those, feel free to make up ridiculous claims about our "social map").

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I usually make my friends

I usually make my friends cousins or brothers or mothers or sons or daughters. Yes, it's silly and entertaining. I think Facebook doesn't really let the end-user leverage this data in an interesting way, though. There should be some sort of 6 degrees of separation application based on this data.

it's not just you

I want to make up additional strange stories about how I met $whoever.

@Alex - check out the "Six Degrees Of Separation - The Experiment" group.

Not really

I'm too much under the influence of Greyface's Curse to feel that, I'm afraid. I do appreciate it when others do though, and Facebook currently thinks I have an ex with whom the relation is "complicated". (Well, I do, but I haven't bothered to add her to my "friends", so it's not her I'm talking about here. :p)