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FON in more languages and Spain reaches 10,000 foneros

FON Website in More Languages

As I happened on the site this morning I noticed that the FON website now has language buttons for "EN|ES|FR|DE|IT|NL|SE" and several characters that appear as ??? for me but seem like Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan. Some of these just seem to point at their blog and not specifically translations of the main site, but all the same it's exciting to see FON continue expanding linguistic reach along with physical reach.

Spain reaches 10,000

Today the Maps Page for FON shows that Spain has surpassed 10,000 users. As I'm looking at it, 10,043 foneros across Spain. In total as I look at the pages the FON worldwide network is at 76,942 making it the largest system.

On the same day that Google unleashes free wifi on Mountain View FON is unleashing free and low cost WiFi on the whole world.

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