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FON Routers: Not a pyramid scam

I think I know what I'm talking about on this one, and FON is not a pyramid scam.

I'm not sure what <a href=">this delusional person is talking about when they say:

FON is a wide area networking pyramid scam that is growing in Europe and trying to get into the USA. Pyramid scams are illegal in most states and I am sure Elliot Spitzer knows that. With FON you make money sharing your connection and make more affiliating and then it goes on in a pyramid scheme to increase your income based on getting more people on the network. Sound familiar?

There is nothing about FON that is a pyramid scam. Much less, there is a difference between affiliate pyramid promotional systems (which are legal) and Ponzi Schemes. Learn that difference. It's not complex. Further, "pyramid schemes" are defined as having "no product nor service of significant value". I use FON Routers every day. I assure you, they have value.

There are plenty of things to get upset at FON about. I've written about several of them. And this is not one.

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FON is a Pyramid Scheme and Governments are Underwriting it

Sounds like myopia, in fact admit to being in the scam and have a lack of search capabilities or a propensity to obfuscate. A quick look at would offer the deluded this: Pyramid Scheme = a scheme that pyramids, as in speculating on the stock exchange or writing a chain letter. Giving up your paid services for others to use for free in the hopes of getting it back from someone else is a sure pyramid scam. It is a chain letter.

The article quoted at NYCTV is well-documented not only showing FON is a Pyramid Scam, but showing insider government politicians with their hands deep in the pie.

saying the same thing

Doesn't make it right.

By your definition basically every affiliate company is some sort of pyramid "scam". That's not valid. Sorry that you're so excited about this and so wrong.

FON the Pyramid scheme

As the unfolding events, and time has told the pyramid scam of FON free WiFi promoted by Spitzer and his cronies, like Andrew Rasiej, who are stock-holders in the FON enterprise, are now rolling back their WiFi plans.

Perhaps the delusion is in one who bandies "I think I know." When public authorities are invested in technology they push for public funds and it is based on your convenient and obscured bastardization "pyramid marketing" your motives become transparent. You are a user and part of it.

it may very well be a scam - but not all scams are pyramids


It may very well be a scam (in fact, my personal opinion now is that FON is more of a VC scam than anything) but you have to remember that not all scams are pyramid scams and...fon is not a pyramid scam. Find a new way to describe it like "it's a scam!" or something, but calling it a pyramid scam is plain silly.