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La Fonera Surprise?

Today I got an email from the folks at FON alerting me to a "surprise" that's coming related to the new Fonera:

Today we are launching La Fonera, the FON Community's new Social Router. You will soon be receiving a new special offer to take it home. We wish to thank you for always believing in FON, so we will send you another e-mail to offer you La Fonera in a very special promotion (including a surprise). Just wait and you'll be able to enjoy all the privileges you deserve!

What I hope the surprise contains?

  • The ability to purchase/install multiple routers - I tried to do this the other day and was unable
  • Assurance that we'll get protection if someone uses FON to do something illegal (see this post for details on the controversy)
  • improved customer support - I've had problems with the port forwarding instructions sans response, others complain about other problems like not getting any sort of confirmation/tracking for their router orders, bottom line is that this could be improved but the response is slow
  • Affiliate programs - if I convince people in my neighborhood to sign up then I get a cut of their future revenue because right now as much as I want to see FON spread it's not worth my time to go out and convince people

What else could the surprise be? The statistical guy in me wants them to keep giving data about FONero locations so that I can keep making my "growth by country" charts, but that might be too much to ask for since it doesn't help their bottom line.

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