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IKEA Denver (or just Colorado) Finally To Be Announced

According to IKEA is finally coming to Colorado!

My Past Discussions of IKEA Colorado

I've written about this in the past and become somewhat of a rumor hound on the subject:

Often the comments on those posts are more interesting than the posts themselves...

I'll post an update comment on Wednesday after the real announcement.

Edit: Ikea Centennial

According to a comment I just received it will be in Centennial, Colorado. Centennial just recently incorporated into a city as expansion has grown south of Denver. I guess this makes sense since that area of colorado (Douglas County, southern Jefferson County) has been the fastest growing area in Colorado and one of the fastest in the nation for the last few years. I imagined they would put it north of Denver because my perception is that IKEA is popular with college students and the CU/CSU combination in Boulder/Fort Collins is the center of our college population.

And more sources are identifying it as coming to centennial.

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IKEA Centennial

While there are several colleges North of Denver, the folks of Ikea are smart. To garner additional community support and entice families in the area they put it South. College students will make the trek whereas suburbanite families will more than likely just head to the nearest big box store when they need ready to assemble furniture.

Yeah its true, the North is

Yeah its true, the North is more College oriented, bu the South suburbs of Denver are where most of the population live. The annual household income there is one of the highest in the state, Cities like Littleton, Centennial, Lone Tree (coinsidently where the mall Ikea is going to be ajacent to) is located. Also Lone Tree denied plans for a Ikea in 2004.

Overall Ikea did their research and place the new location in a growing yet well established area. They have access to the interstate and C-470/E470 just a mile south that is a circle corridor around the whole Denver metro area. Good access to the airport (20 min away on E470)

My only concern is Park Meadows is probablly the businest mall/ shopping area in Denver and already has traffic issues. Ikeas are known to cause alot more traffic in the area, so we'll see...