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Ikea store near Denver, Colorado - Construction update for 2010

You may be wondering what's going on with IKEA in Colorado. I know I am. I was in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving this year and visited an IKEA out there and was reminded how nice it is to have high quality, reasonably priced household items within driving distance.

According to this article in the Denver Business Journal

"This is a very complicated project, and will take some time," said Joseph Roth, spokesman for IKEA Group’s U.S. headquarters near Philadelphia. "There’s still no time frame for groundbreaking or opening, but we are committed to the project and moving forward."

Once a construction timetable is fixed, the store will take 18 months to build, according to Roth.

That article is from October 16th, 2009 :(

It goes on:

IKEA is looking for architects, contractors and engineers to finalize plans for the store, Roth said. The retailer already has gotten all the approvals it needs from the City of Centennial and purchased its land.

So, they've got land and financing and approvals - but they're still designing (architects) and need people to build it. Sounds like we won't see this until the summer of 2011 at the earliest and probably later than that.

I wonder if IKEA is holding back on this development due to the economic slowdown. I think that if anything now is a great time for them to expand - their high value/low prices will make them a really compelling alternative to the traditional Colorado retailers.

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Now is the perfect time for

Now is the perfect time for IKEA to build in Colorado. Lots of people like myself have recently purchased homes and are looking for alternative places to buy furniture.

They unpacked all the parts

They unpacked all the parts of the store, but are having trouble making sense of the instructions. Plus several connectors were missing.

Yea i would think building it

Yea i would think building it now would be more profitable for ikea then waiting because for one it's better to advertise during a slow economy. Ikea is a great store because of their low low prices. I think the nearest one to me is in Atlanta.

If you build it...

If you build it... they will come! Hurry up and build it already! I need my IKEA fix!

I think IKEA underestimates

I think IKEA underestimates it's popularity in Colorado even though it doesn't have one. Is there a time frame for opening?

Going to be flying into

Going to be flying into Phoenix again for the third time in the last year. I will be going by Ikea again but can only buy certain things. Some things only available in store,others too expensive to ship. Moved to colorado 4 years ago and have only been able to buy limited items compared to what we purchased before. Hurry up and build it already-D.C.(addicted to IKEA's great products & prices.


I am going to purchase the gate leg table here and drive to Colorado in May. Shipping was $60
Was hoping the Denver store would be up and running so I would not have to haul it.


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I want my Ikea

Since I relocated from the Seattle Wa area to the Springs I been going through Ikea withdrawal.
I hope they start building soon.Now is a good time to do it.people will love the quality and prices of the merchandise.They will do well here.


I did buy 2 gate leg tables here in Phoenix and just going to bite the bullet and haul them to Colorado. 104 lbs each.

I Want My Ikea to...

Like Claudia, I to have relocated to Colorado from Seattle, and truly miss the wonderful selection of furniture and household items they carry, with such low prices...