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DrupalCamp Colorado - 4 Days to Go - My Drupal Camp Phone

We're just a few days away from DrupalCamp Colorado 2008 and things are becoming more and more tangible by the minute. Just now I got a package in the mail at the new offices.

The stickers just happen to be 2"x4" which is exactly the right size to emblazon them on the back of your iPhone. Ever since lijit gave it to me my phone has rocked a lijit sticker:

but least for the next's a DrupalCamp phone:

About quarter of the calls I get are organizing the camp so it seems only fitting.

If you're not convinced by these stickers that this will be a rocking weekend, here are the sessions.

Also, my best to the sticker's designer Don Hajicek and to the other logo designer amytremper.

People Involved: 



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oficially tied

The license plate and the beanie-druplicon logos were tied. The license plate just happens to be better suited to stickers/t-shirts since it uses fewer colors and larger print.

Al Steffen is working on getting the beanie-druplicon logo made into buttons. They are both as "official" as it gets hence I mention Amy here and featured here logo here which was published to the 20k readers of planet Drupal.