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What's Up with your last name

Ok. So we got married in 2002 and we didn't want to have two different last names, we didn't want to hyphenate, and nobody really liked the idea of us choosing one of our birth last names. So, we combined the last names which seemed to be slightly more popular, if only for the novelty.

We used to be Greg Kneser and Nicole (Nikki) Addison but are now the Knaddisons.

People occasionally ask us "how do you pronounce your last name?" While we are very particular about the pronunciation, the real answer is - who knows?

Generally we pronounce the K and the N with emphasis on the second syllable. Something like "kuh NAD diss uhn".

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Becoming more common

I met someone whose name was Rippyoung. It sounded like a Thai name to me.

However, it turns out that two people married and merged Ripp and Young into one name.


I always thought of it as "Naddison", with a silent "k". I've never understood these instances where you pronounce a consonant on its own. :/