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ive read some negative comments about angieslist. let me explain my perspective - i am a highly skilled tradesman that does plaster restoration (not too many people can), painting, etc. i am a craftsman in the truest sense of the word. i carry liability insurance, have professional grade tools, am highly skilled in my fields of expertise (i can cut a paint line guaranteed to laser perfection - 1/128th of an inch on), etc. etc. i put an add in the local alternative newspaper & on craigslist. i received call backs from every type of property owner there is. many wanted things done for nothing & really weren't concerned about the quality of the work - i do immensly! a client of mine joined angieslist and gave me a recommendation. my clientele based improved dramatically although i kept my prices the same. angieslist clients are the people who value their homes, who realize that their home is their number one investment. when a person joins angieslist i know that they just don't want something done for nothing. i know that they value the job to be done and they want it done to the highest trades standards possible. they are a perfect fit for me. i love & value what i do. angieslist sales staff call about once a month to thank me for doing good work for their clients & to ask me if i want to take out an ad. i politely say no thank you and talk shop with them for a few minutes. i dont want to take out an ad, i'm busy enough with my clientele base from all my various leads. when i hear tradesmen complain about angieslist it's usually because they have done subpar work for a member & the member gave them a deserved negative review.

Angies list is awsome!

I totally agree with the person above, There are some really Bad Exterior companies out here, in Anoka MN I had an exterior Company continually threaten to foreclose on my home, he didn't do what I had told him to do. Right away, boom, foreclose on my home, gee he's just the kind of guy I would LOve to have work on my house.NOT>>>>>>>>>>>>> What a CLOWN these types of people who prey on other people to get their hard earned money, and then screw em.............what goes around, comes around, I would hope these kinds of businesses would crumble!!!!!!!!!1

Thanks for being frank in your review of "Angieslist"

I appreciate your forthright manner. Use of the word "sucks" is rather derogatory, but it's still used all the time- whether on the net or when just communicating with others. I was on eBay looking at their "eBay Bucks" and how to earn them. Apparantly they give you $15.00 in eBay Bucks when you subscribe to Angieslist. But when I clicked on the link to the site, I couldn't find anything on the first page about it's cost or if it was something for free. I certainly am in no financial condition (me and most of the people in this current economy) to pay for any more subscriptions to anything, especially if it's "auto-renew". I've been burned too many times to fall for that one.
So, the next thing I did was look for any info I could Google on Angiesliest. That's when I saw your review. You really saved me from being burned and I appreciate.

My goodness, don't people have the common sense to use the free services of the local Better Business Bureau? I check out most businesses I might deal with on their website to see how many complaints have been filed against a company and the resolution of such. Doesn't cost me anything but a little time. Time well spent.

Keep up the good work Greg.


Consumers beware---smart ones..... Businesses can PAY to get A-1 ratings from the BBB. The only real way to get truth is from the consumer themselves--It's too bad that people who own businesses are not very good at what they do, and are still around to have their hand out to collect your hard earned money....

Sorry, but, I have been told,

Sorry, but, I have been told, by very reliable people, who should know,"businesses" pay the BBB to get their ratings. I mean, eight complaints, four in the past 12, this "business" still had an A-1 rating..... What a joke! Word of mouth, is still the way to go..............