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I love Gardening! I hate Gardening!

There's an old family joke in Nikki's family that stems from a time when Nikki went fishing. She almost immediately caught a fish and it was exciting and she exclaimed, "I love fishing!" A little while later, she hadn't caught any more fish and she said "I hate fishing!". So the proper use of the phrase is when someone is being a little fickle about a topic you say "I love fishing! I hate fishing!" and then everyone laughs.

I love Gardening!

This morning I woke up to go water our back yard. The grass is looking surprisingly nice, many of the flowers are blooming and a "chocolate flower" (berlandiera lyrata) that has grown just massive in the past year and has 30+ blooms and this morning I bent over and I actually smelled the chocolate from the blooms. It was pretty amazing! I LOVE GARDENING!

I hate Gardening!

Then I looked over at the other chocolate flower that has been struggling only to notice that it is completely and utterly fried to death and d-e-a-d dead. I HATE GARDENING!

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