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My New Acting Career - iShares Commercial

This was a really cool thing. As an individual investor, I believe in iShares from a financial perspective. They are low fee highly efficient ways for individuals to invest wisely. So, when they called me to be in a commercial about iShares I was really excited. The commercial finally made it to YouTube (I stand up at 37 seconds into the video and then walk on a red carpet for a few seconds):

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Congratulations for your participation in the commercial. You look older in the commercial than you really are? Is it the suit, makeup, or haircut making you look older?

By the way, you're my first comment with my new Dell Mini 12 with Ubuntu installed. I'm liking it, but still wonder why the embedded YouTube video doesn't flow as smoothly as it does at


re: phony

that's're a phony husbalooney! signed, a disappointed fan

Congratulations on your new acting career!

Not only did you get to be in a really great commercial, you get to be the guy who walks onto the red carpet! Are you kidding me?! That is so great! I think you've got yourself the beginning of a new, second career. And doesn't everybody need something like that in these uncertain economic times? Hey, if you and your Hollywood buddies are ever in need of an aging (but still relatively well-preserved) leggy blonde, please just say the word. ;-)