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Things we Want in Our Next House

We like our house. But we are realizing it will not be exactly what we want in the long run.

So, long run, here is what we really want and/or want to do in our new house shortly after we move in:

Features Of The House

  • Somewhere between 1600 and 2000 square feet
  • A single large kick it room
  • 2-3 kid bedrooms
  • 1 master bedroom
  • Kitchen that opens onto the dining room/living room
  • "Office"
  • Garage

Existing Features or Things to Tweak Right After Movein

  • Steam shower
  • Compost pile
  • Energy Efficiency review by Dirk's friend Jay
  • Fireplace with wood pellet stove insert
People Involved: 


"Your" house could be mine. I

"Your" house could be mine. I needed a long time some more bedrooms for the children and a new garage for some garden stuff. But it was really expensive and took a lot of money :-(