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Golden Holistic Medicine - Kaycie Rosen, Colorado Naturopathic Doctor

Our good friends Kaycie Rosen and her fiancee Steve Grigel just moved down to Colorado after spending a few years living in Anchorage. We're really excited to have them around again and, perhaps even more exciting, is that Kaycie is a Naturopathic Doctor and just opened the doors of her own Holistic Medicine Clinic in Golden, Colorado.

I'm a big believer in small business in general and of course in healthy lifestyles so seeing a medical clinic using a holistic approach so close to me in Denver is a really great thing. Kaycie had a ribbon cutting ceremony which included some delicious foods. She has also shared these recipes on her website such as this Quinoa Salad Recipe - both healthy and delicious!

She's going to be writing more about Holistic Living in Golden Colorado in her blog, so you may want to subscribe to the RSS Feed or the newsletter.

Welcome, Kaycie and Steve!

Edit: Kaycie's business is growing and she just added Golden Cliffs Chiropractic to her office.

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