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Green The Ghetto (TM)

About Green the Ghetto

A few years ago I watched a movie of Majora Carter presenting at the TED conference. She talked about her work in New York and was generally really inspiring. I suggest you watch it too:

The organization behind this movie is Sustainable South Bronx while the presentation itself was given at TED.


So, I figured - hey, this is really neat, but it's not really publicly visible all that much. Realizing that it would take just a small amount of time to package it nicely and that and were available, I went to action and created a simple page for the sites. Turns out, the Sustainable South Bronx folks are trademark kinds of folks so they have asked for the domains back. So, to keep helping them in spreading the message I decided to create this page. Maybe not as pretty or simple - what do you want from me? I'm a programmer not a designer?

Further, the sustainable south bronx folks were slow to complete the domain transfer and I didn't renew it since they had informed me that they intended to assert their trademark on it so now those domains are in the hands of domain squatters instead of spreading their message. boo.

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Green the Ghetto

Fabulous video on Greening the Ghetto. Bravo to Majora Carter

Green Ghetto

It a reality now that many havent seen it in their own minds. We all need to think green more like you to see our future. Am going green in Kenya and pushing for awareness in a project to make my city "Nairobi" a greener and friendlier city.

I watched with amazement what has been done on CNN and went on a search of the work your are doing i would like to know more about it.

I know for sure that my future and others future will be safe.

Thank you.


greening ghettos...

I think greening the ghetto is a wonderful piece.I believe all human beings have right to a cleaner and greener environments,life can only be richer if we leave in cleaner and healthy neighborhoods.Folks in the ghettos also deserve to be healthy....we need much more local action to respond to this global challenge....Nairobi can and should return to its former glory of a green city in the sun....wake up Nairobi collectively this can happen,it starts from your household and like a cold this should catch the hoods around us...