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how to think like a programmer if all you know is cooking

So, not many people understand programming. Here's a funny/interesting way to describe programming in terms of cooking. I like it.

Similarly, I once heard an analogy about asking a software engineer to build a bridge from San Francisco to Hawaii. A software engineer would say "no problem" and then do:

while (notInHawaii) {

Clearly that won't work in general, but in software it does. That's what makes software so interesting in a world of cheap computing resources.

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Lucky Me..

I guess I don't have problem with that. I'm both a programmer and I love cooking! I might be lucky!

Haha i love the analogy with

Haha i love the analogy with building a bridge, that is a good one that I will use in my programming class. Using an analogy for programming with cooking is brilliant. I have recently started learning programming and it is a very difficult task to start. You have to train yourself in ways of thinking. Cooking is the perfect analogy.