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IKEA Store Located in Commerce City, Denver, Colorado

Today I mentioned my fascination with IKEA stores opening in Denver. A friend was talking about how she wanted some new office furniture - Room and Board felt too expensive for what she needs and Scandinavian Design was her best choice. What should she do? I recommended IKEA and lamented the fact that we didn't have one...

IKEA Coming to Denver

Which is when another friend said that we've got an IKEA that will open up north of I-70 somewhere near that big fishing shop. Well, further searches online informed me that IKEA is opening in the rocky mountains but that's over in Utah. And for those who are used to European or East Coast scale - a state away is not "close". But this is a great sign because it shows that IKEA is spreading into the interior of the country!

Colorado Ikea can't be far away...

...even though Ikea Store Locations makes it seem otherwise.

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Ikea commercials?

I read that IKEA was courting Colorado for a store in about 2002, and at that time it said the plans were to open one within the next 7 years. Ouch. I decided to stop hoping until I actually drove past a store. But the past month or so, I've been seeing IKEA commercials on local netwrok programming. Dare I begin to hope anew?

I hope so...

Man I hope that you're right.

I keep hearing that an IKEA Commerce City (North Denver) is coming but until I see newspaper alerts that it's opening I'm not going to get my hopes too high.

In related news, I was searching online for a home office desk and I'm pretty surprised that IKEA doesn't have any desks with wheels. They have one with wheels on two of the four legs, but not with lockable wheels on all 4 legs. Bummer.

IKEA to be in Centennial

Near Parkmeadows,

Actually I heard from a

Actually I heard from a reliable source that is will be opeing in Louisville,Colorado where the old Sams Club use to be and I thinks that its the perfect spot and u will all see that Im right very very soon

Might not happen

I am a big proponet of IKEA, in fact I have driven from Denver to Tempe to pick up some new bedroom storage units. I think the biggest oposition IKEA faces is the existing furniture industry that already resides in the Denver area. With big names like Furniture Row and American Furniture Warehouse calling Denver home, it might be difficult for IKEA to get thier foot in the door. Denver Govornors are notorious for acting as isolasionists to outside foreign competition. It is widey known that Jake Jabbs is a friend of both John Hikkenlooper and Bill Ritter. That being said, it might be a while before our Scandanavian friends cross into Colorful Colorado...


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DENVER - The world's leading home furnishings retailer is coming to Colorado in an effort to extend their presence in the Rocky Mountain Region, a news release said.

Currently the closest IKEA store is 405 miles away in Draper, Utah. IKEA has stores across the word but few in the Rocky Mountain region. Plans for a Centennial store will be released Wednesday morning.

The store opening date has not been determined but more information is expected at a news conference Wednesday.

In the last six months IKEA has opened stores in Japan, China, France, Greece, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, Cyprus and Sweden. In the United States stores have opened in Cincinnati, Ohio and Sunrise, Florida. will bring you updates from the news conference as they become available.

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Any news on the Ikea front?


I am soooo hoping that Ikea will get here sooner rather than later. Being European and growing up with Ikea, I really miss it and the stuff you find at AFW or furniture row are just ugly knock-offs and way overprized.... Maybe in 2010?

IKEA Denver - fall of 2010

I've heard from a couple sources that it will be the fall of 2010 when they open the store, but I've also heard that the recession has slowed their plans. I'm confused by that, a bit, because IKEA sells such great value stuff that if they moved in now a ton of folks in Denver who have been putting off furniture sales would rush over to IKEA to buy it all.


I have a close friend that works for The City of Centennial that told me IKEA will be by the Park Meadows mall. They should be breaking ground in the spring. I can't wait!!


My wife and I were in Orlando last week on vacation and our friends took us t the IKEA there and my wife fel in love with the store and will be extremely happy to hear that one is going to be in Denver hopefully soon.

Rocky Mountains

I'm surprised at the first comment that the rocky mountains is in Utah?!?!?!? it is in colorado too!!!! but there is a store in Draper, can't wait to get the one in Centennial.

IKEA commercials?

Obviously Ikea would not be advertising their products if they weren't going to come to Denver. They know that any commercials they put out that people like, people will want to research. Ikea is very smart, they wouldn't waste publicity.

minn. says no

I went to a Minn. IKEA and the sales staff there said that it was a no go because of zoning issues/geological surveying issues. WTF!?
It better not be because of lame jake jabbs. Besides create and barrel there's NO good furniture places... and I DON'T wanna pay outta my butt for nice furniture.
This was in October, though.