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things to do when I get home

I'm currently traveling the Spanish speaking world but I'm still working. So...there are lots of things that I read about, or work on, and I wish that I had a place to talk with people about them. Those places exist locally, and I'm taking advantage of them but nothing beats face time with my favorite local user groups in the Denver/Boulder area.

So...I don't want to forget these things and am therefore creating this list:

  • Presentation from the Amazon AWS evangelists and suggest a startup project event (also suggest that Amazon get a real CMS that can do pretty urls)
  • CLUE Session on actually using EC2
  • Drupal bugday with dbug - aka "how to work the issue queue"
  • Create an Open Coffee Denver a la the boulder one which might help benefit or spark a coworking facility
  • Drupal working session to create an ec2 management panel inside Drupal (which of course morphs into a "turn on more servers under load" module
  • more to come...

On a slightly more personal note:

  • Shop at IKEA in California/Utah - consider new bad
  • camp in yosemite? zion? joshua tree? grand teton?
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